The benefits of fresh cucumber for the human body

The watery fruit is beautiful both as an independent snack and as the main ingredient in numerous recipes of summer salads.

The benefits of fresh cucumbers lie not only in low calorie content, low glycemic index and the ability to simultaneously satisfy not only hunger, but also thirst, but also in the beneficial effect on almost all body systems.

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Польза свежего огурца для организма человека

Водянистый плод прекрасен и как самостоятельный перекус, и как основной ингредиент в многочисленных рецептах летних салатов.

Польза свежих огурцов кроется не только в малой калорийности, низком гликемическом индексе и способности одновременно утолять не только голод, но и жажду, а еще и в благотворном влиянии практически на все системы организма.

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Имбирь: польза и вред для организма

Имбирь известен не только в качестве популярной приправы, но и как отличное средство против тошноты, простуды и других болезней.

История имбиря

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Ginger: benefits and harm to the body

Ginger is known not only as a popular seasoning, but also as an excellent remedy for nausea, colds and other diseases.

Ginger story

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Ананас: полезные свойства и противопоказания, состав

Ананас – это фрукт родом из Южной Америки. Христофор Колумб доставил ананасы в Европу после одной из своих экспедиций. Выращивать их в больших масштабах начали на Гавайях в начале 19-го века. Развитие «ананасовой» отрасли достигло своего пика в 1950-х годах, затем постепенно снизилось под давлением международной конкуренции. Сегодня основная часть мирового урожая ананаса приходится на Таиланд, Филиппины и Бразилию. Традиционные области применения ананаса включают пивоварение и виноделие, а также медицину.

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Banana after workout? Better a few!

Banana after workout? Better a few! Intense physical activity requires a lot of strength and energy and this is not a secret for those who regularly work out in the gym. Everything that the body loses during such training must be replenished. In this case, a banana can help out after a workout, or rather a few.

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Practical harm of meat globally and privately

People have been eating meat as food since the ice age. Anthropologists argue that it was then that a person refused a vegetable diet in favor of meat food. This “custom” has been conveyed by a significant part of humanity to the present day, someone has done it because of necessity (for example, Eskimos), living conditions or habits. But more often than not, the reason is a simple misunderstanding. Over the past fifty years, renowned health professionals, biochemists and nutritionists have found convincing evidence: to stay healthy, eating meat is not necessary, on the contrary, a diet that is acceptable to predators can harm a person.

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Gluten free: myths, health benefits

What is the main thing in healthy nutrition? That’s right – read the label.
Let’s talk about gluten – as well as about GMOs, there are many different rumors and myths about this substance. Some of them are justified, but others should not be feared at all.

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Pitfalls of a healthy lifestyle that you should know about in advance

A healthy lifestyle carries the rejection of all unpleasant habits, proper nutrition, exercise and many other useful things. But is everything really good? After all, even the most useful activities, as a rule, also have a negative side. It is worth sorting out this issue.

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