first aid

Carbon monoxide poisoning

Signs of carbon monoxide poisoningCarbon monoxide (CO) is released during incomplete combustion of fuel, as well as any other organic matter. This gas is produced by combustion in an oxygen-deficient environment. In the open air, carbon monoxide dissipates quickly, while in closed rooms with a lack of oxygen, it can accumulate in large quantities. The …

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Electric shock

It’s hard to imagine life without electricity in 2020. In today’s modern society, it provides everything in our life. We rely on it every day in the workplace when traveling and of course at home. Although most interactions with electricity occur without incident, electric shock can occur in any environment, including industrial and construction sites, …

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First aid for frostbite

Under the influence of cold, small vessels, capillaries narrow, and blood flow through their stops. This leads to tissue damage, and in severe frostbite, to their necrosis up to bones and joints. Unfortunately, in the most severe situations, frostbite can result in the amputation of fingers or limbs. Therefore, it is very important to quickly …

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