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All about the benefits and uses of nutmeg

What is nutmeg and what does matsis have to do with it?Nutmeg is a popular seasoning derived from the seeds of Myristica fragrans, a tropical evergreen tree from Indonesia. It can be found both in the form of a powder (ground) and in the form of whole seed, which outwardly really looks very much like …

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С приходом зимы такие недуги как простуда, насморк или грипп становятся обычным дело. Сложно не заболеть, когда кажется, что все вокруг нас чихают или кашляют. К счастью, эфирные масла могут помочь нам перезагрузить нашу иммунную систему, а также отразить неприятные симптомы, чтобы мы чувствовали себя лучше в течение всего сезона.

7 essential oils that will help you to fight a running nose and flu

With the advent of winter, illnesses such as the common cold, runny nose, or flu become commonplace. It’s hard not to get sick when everyone seems to sneeze or cough. Fortunately, essential oils can help us reboot our immune system, as well as ward off unpleasant symptoms so that we feel better throughout the season.