Oven-baked vegetables in sweet and sour sauce

From this amount of ingredients, 850 grams of the finished dish is obtained. Nutritional value (per 100 g):Caloric content – 92 kcalProteins – 1.2 gFat – 3.6 gCarbohydrates – 13.8 g

Serbian vegetable dish- Aivar

Aivar is a Serbian vegetable dish that can be served both immediately and made blanks. Each Serbian family has its own cooking methods and additives, only the base remains – baked sweet pepper. In this case, the additives were eggplant and garlic. The ratio of pepper to eggplant goes in a ratio of 6: 1. …

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Jam from eggplants, beets, and cucumbers

Dishes. Vegetable jam is an unusual thing, but cooking it is as easy as traditional. No special fixtures are required. First of all, we need accurate scales (jam does not tolerate approximation), a cutting board, a sharp knife, a peeler. It is advisable to get a wide pan with a thick bottom of the highest …

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