Flaxseed pate

Calorie content per 100 gramsCalories: 549kcalProtein: 19 gFat: 45.64 gCarbohydrates: 20.46 gServings: 4Ingredients:

What happens if you eat garlic every day?

Probably everyone has heard about the benefits of garlic. First of all, it is remembered in the cold season, when it is necessary to maintain health, or during an influenza epidemic. After all, garlic has all the known antiviral properties.

Serbian vegetable dish- Aivar

Aivar is a Serbian vegetable dish that can be served both immediately and made blanks. Each Serbian family has its own cooking methods and additives, only the base remains – baked sweet pepper. In this case, the additives were eggplant and garlic. The ratio of pepper to eggplant goes in a ratio of 6: 1. …

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