All about diabetes

What you need to know about diabetesAccording to the WHO, approximately 6% of the world’s population suffers from diabetes mellitus. And the saddest thing is that the disease is getting younger: if earlier type 2 diabetes appeared more often in people over 50, now it also occurs in 30-year-olds. As early as 30 years ago, …

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Metabolic disorder

Metabolism is the breakdown of food into simpler components: proteins are broken down into amino acids, carbohydrates into simple sugars (up to glucose and fructose), and fats into simple lipid molecules. Metabolic disorders occur when these normal processes of breakdown and assimilation of food components are disrupted for some reason. Metabolic disorders can be inherited, …

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Marshmallow, marmalade, pastille

Of all the sweets, the most useful are marshmallows, marmalade, and candy. They are lower in calories and can be used in dietary meals. There are no fats in marmalade, marshmallow, and pastille, and for those who want to lose weight, but cannot do without sweets, it is better to replace other confectionery products with …

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What is a normal blood sugar level and what to do if it is low or high

Get your glucose tested at least every three years. Why do you need blood sugar?In fact, we are not talking about sugar, but about glucose. Sugar, like any other carbohydrate, is not directly absorbed by the body: it is broken down in the intestine to simple sugars (monosaccharides) and enters the bloodstream as glucose.