Compulsive overeating: symptoms, causes, how to get rid of it.

All of us are inclined from time to time from the bottom of our hearts to eat up goodies at the festive table or, by chance, to pluck a whole box of cookies into a fascinating film. There is nothing reprehensible and alarming if such a habit, of course, is not regular and poorly controlled. Otherwise, we can talk about one of the violations of food consumption – compulsive overeating.

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You still do not know the secrets of the right motivation or what to do with your own laziness?

There are people who want to earn more, but do nothing … There are people who want to lose weight, but do nothing … There are people who want to have more free time, but do nothing … There are people who want to learn a foreign language , do morning exercises, stop being late for meetings, but they don’t do anything …

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Why does autumn depression appear?

Autumn depression is another seasonal psychological problem in which there is a change in mood towards negativism and apathy to many things. Why is this happening? It turned out that more than women more than men are affected by such changes, all individuals are especially susceptible to such changes. These are emotional people, as well as those who could have suffered emotional trauma, stressful situations, and have been ill with something serious and other things.

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