Deadlift: technique and varieties

The deadlift is one of the most common exercises among all sports disciplines. It is actively used in powerlifting and CrossFit and is also a good auxiliary exercise for increasing the overall strength and power of an athlete, so fighters of mixed martial arts, boxing, and oriental martial arts fans also do not bypass it, …

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Benefits of doing a burpee

When it comes to intense burning of calories and losing weight in a short time, this means that you need to do burpees and once again burpees. Not many people love this exercise, but it is better than running that effectively burns fat, tightens the stomach, and ensures good physical fitness.

Benefits of jumping rope.

Jump rope – this is a simple and extremely compact simulator, familiar to us from early childhood. It does not require a large space for installation and use, as opposed to large-sized complexes for sports. And, despite its low price, the rope is able to faithfully serve you for many years. She will be a …

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What is CrossFit?

What do you think about Crossfit? Have you ever tried? A little bit of history about this kind of sport. The CrossFit system of circular training originated in the United States as a firefighter training system and quickly gained worldwide popularity outside the profession. Every year a large number of CrossFit tournaments are held, including …

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