Flaxseed cottage cheese cookies

Nutritional value (per 100 g):Calorie content – 165 kcalProtein – 17 gFat – 6.5 gCarbohydrates – 9 g

Homemade Cookies: 17 Diet Recipes

What is the difference between ordinary cookies and homemade cookies? Let’s get it right. The most important difference is the lack of sugar in dietary recipes. Often, in classic recipes, sugar acts as a sweetener. But it is worth recalling that 100 grams of this sweet product contain about 400 calories! And in one glass …

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Autumn pumpkin recipes, part 2

Hello everyone! For those who do not know, I am in the United States at the moment. It was my first real Halloween in the US, I have never seen so many children dressed like little monsters, superheroes, or cute fairies. That was awesome. We did not have time to decorate the house, but we …

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