The benefits and harms of menstrual cups

In recent years, menstrual cups have become very popular. In favor of their choice, you can cite such advantages as hygiene, safety, and lack of smell on critical days. Also, reusable caps are much more convenient than tampons or pads that need to be replenished monthly. Let’s take a closer look at what benefits they …

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The benefits of apples for the body

The benefits of apples for the human body are enormous. Apple is one of the tastiest and most affordable fruits. It is almost impossible to overestimate the beneficial properties of an apple for humans: it is a real treasure trove of vitamins and trace elements, the balance of which in the body contributes to its …

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Plum: health benefits and harms

The history of the appearance of plums in nutritionPlums belong to the Pink family. These trees grow mainly in the northern temperate regions – the plum is very resistant to frost. One plant can bear fruit for about 60 years. Plum occurred as a result of crossing cherry plum and blackthorn. This plant was cultivated …

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Prunes at what time is – when it is useful, and when it can harm the body?

Hello friends, new blog readers! Let’s think together today about what available means of weight loss are, about our health, and how we can take care of ourselves by choosing healthy eating! But first, a little bit of history. Since ancient times, dried plums (and these are prunes) have been used by chefs from around …

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Raspberry – useful properties, composition, contraindications

The useful properties of raspberries are intuitively clear to everyone, otherwise, there would not be a jar of raspberry jam in every house in case of a cold. But are we using all the possibilities of a wonderful berry? After all, raspberry is a real gift of nature, deserving to know more about its merits.

Raisins: healthy properties, varieties, types

Raisins, as everyone knows, are a type of dried fruit and, in fact, are a dried grape. This delicacy has been deservedly popular for more than five and a half thousand years, although raisins (from Turkish dialect, this word is translated as “grapes”) were previously considered exclusively berries, containing stones.

All about turmeric

Turmeric – the benefits and harm to the body are on both sides. And fortunately, Indian spice will only benefit this time. But its properties are so great, and it is used not only in cooking; it is difficult to imagine the scale of its power exerted on the human body.

11 spices for health

Spices help to give a special taste to each dish, but besides this, many of them have not only a unique taste but also useful properties. Keep these spices in easy access and add to suitable dishes, getting new flavor combinations and benefits for the body.