2 exercises to help prolong life and youth

With age, an untrained body begins to lose ground. Only two exercises will help you take care of yourself. The more you move, the longer you live and keep youth. A study by Norwegian scientists showed that muscle strength and physical activity are directly related to mortality from both cardiovascular diseases and other causes.

6 theses on whether it is possible to engage in a stationary bike with varicose veins and how to do it right

Training at the initial stage of the disease will definitely be beneficial and will prevent further progression.But what about those who have a rather pronounced tendency to expand veins and slow down blood flow? It is worthwhile to heed the advice of doctors and instructors in sports medicine.

Exercise bike for losing weight at home: all the nuances of an effective workout

Riding a bike and exercise bike for weight loss is one of the most controversial ways to lose weight. Some admirers write enormous reviews about how a miracle bike helped them lose weight by a certain amount of kilograms and put their figures in order while omitting the history of their nutrition and parallel power …

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Benefits of doing a burpee

When it comes to intense burning of calories and losing weight in a short time, this means that you need to do burpees and once again burpees. Not many people love this exercise, but it is better than running that effectively burns fat, tightens the stomach, and ensures good physical fitness.

What is cardio?

What do you think about cardio? Why do we need this training and when is better to do it? Well, let`s talk about this topic wider. The name “cardio”, literally, means “heart” from greek word καρδια. That’s why this type of training is, actually training for the cardiovascular system. There are many kinds of cardio …

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