Watermelon – benefits, and harms

Common watermelon (lat. Citrúllus lanátus) is an annual herb, a species of the genus Watermelon (Citrullus) of the Pumpkin family (Cucurbitaceae). The history of the appearance of watermelon in nutritionIt is widely believed that watermelon is the largest berry. However, botanists still do not agree on what kind of plant it should be attributed to. …

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Jelly candies. Harm, and benefits

Candy Candy – sweet confectionery made from sugar, chocolate, candied fruits, and other products. There are many varieties of sweets in the world – these are fondants and candy bars, lollipops, and caramels with various fillings, toffee, truffles and roasted nuts, chocolate, milk, and waffle sweets, and many other varieties.

Chocolate candy: benefits and harm

The benefits of chocolate Substances contained in dark chocolate reduce blood cholesterol, improve the functioning of our heart, protect the skin from premature aging, from the appearance of wrinkles, and prevent dementia in old age. Substances – phenamine, serotonin, phenethylamine, and others create a feeling of falling in love, increase sexuality, improve mood and a …

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Польза и вред от употребления в пищу редиса

Красный редис – распространенная овощная культура, которая отличается скороспелостью и приятным пряным вкусом. Она является близким родственником редьки и принадлежит к семейству Капустных. Это один из первых корнеплодов, которые появляются на грядках весной. Польза от регулярного употребления редиски очень большая, особенно в весенний период, когда организм испытывает некоторый недостаток в витаминах. Но не стоит забывать …

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The benefits and harms of eating radishes

Red radish is a common vegetable crop, which is characterized by early maturity and a pleasant spicy taste. She is a close relative of the radish and belongs to the Cabbage family. This is one of the first root crops that appear on the beds in the spring. The benefits of regular consumption of radishes …

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Starchy and non-starchy vegetables

So, you have probably begun to study separate nutrition, or just starting to be interested in healthy nutrition, you have already run into the question – what kind of starchy and non-starchy vegetables are these. To begin with, starch is a polysaccharide, a complex carbohydrate. You can learn more about him even from simple textbooks. …

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Banana after a workout? Yes, please!

Banana after a workout? Better a few! Intense physical activity requires a lot of strength and energy and this is not a secret for those who regularly work out in the gym. Everything that the body loses during such training must be replenished. In this case, a banana can help out after a workout, or …

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What and where inulin is. What useful properties it has.

Nature took care of us, endowing plants familiar to the eye with enviable beneficial properties. But for most people, they remain a mystery, and when information about the miraculous qualities of such species appears, many perceive it with disbelief (what if this is another move by pharmacists and marketers). At first, this was the case …

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