Carambola (Starfruit)

Carambola is an evergreen, slowly-growing tree 5 m high with drooping branches and a dense, highly branched, rounded crown or shrub.

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Карамбола – вечнозелёное, медленно-растущее дерево высотой 5 м с пониклыми ветвями и густой, сильно-разветвлённой округлой кроной или кустарник.

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Экзотический плод кивано известен под многими названиями – например, «африканский огурец», «английский помидор», «рогатая дыня» и «ангурия». Это растение принадлежит к семейству Тыквенные и роду Огурец, с виду оно представляет собой травянистую однолетнюю лиану, которая имеет тонкие, но, вместе с тем, достаточно прочные побеги, а также жесткую кожицу, поверхность которой покрыта шипами.

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The exotic Kiwano fruit is known by many names – for example, “African cucumber”, “English tomato”, “horned melon” and “anguria”. This plant belongs to the Pumpkin family and the genus Cucumber, in appearance it is a grassy annual vine, which has thin, but at the same time, quite strong shoots, as well as a hard skin, the surface of which is covered with thorns.

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Pitfalls of a healthy lifestyle that you should know about in advance

A healthy lifestyle carries the rejection of all unpleasant habits, proper nutrition, exercise and many other useful things. But is everything really good? After all, even the most useful activities, as a rule, also have a negative side. It is worth sorting out this issue.

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Cheat meal – what is it and how to do it right

Today, nutritionists and nutrition experts are of the opinion that small and short-term deviations from the diet plan are even useful and can serve as an excellent incentive for rapid weight loss and psychological stress.

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How many calories burns brisk walking 30 minutes. Walking and Calories

Losing weight with walking is the easiest and most affordable way. Not everyone has the time and opportunity to visit gyms. And to “carve out” a little time for walking is within the power of anyone. How many calories are burned when walking and how effective this method will be discussed in this article.

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How many calories need to be used to lose weight. Safe lose.

Theory of correct calculation

In order to find out how many calories you need to eat in order to lose weight, you need to:

  • know daily calorie intake;
  • determine daily calorie deficit for weight loss, i.e. how many calories you need to eat to lose weight.
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15 ways to burn extra calories

The path to a slim figure does not begin with a subscription to a fitness club, but with small and healthy habits.

Chew the cud. In addition to fresh breath and oral hygiene, chewing gum helps to lose 11 kilocalories every 12 minutes. Trifle, but nice.

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Twerking and some more not the most obvious ways to lose weight

If you think that twerking is the depraved dance that Miley Cyrus performed at the VMA ceremony, then of course you are right, but only partly. Today, even famous British ladies are engaged in tweaking, take at least Helen Mirren. And all because twerking is a great way to bring the figure in order in a short time.

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