Sugar-free, gluten-free pumpkin brownies

Ingredients:280 g of dates (or date paste)½ glasses of water (if you take dates, not paste)¾ glasses of pumpkin, mashed¼ cup paste cashew¼ cups of coconut oil

Walnut Strawberry Brownie

Cooking time: 25 minutes IngredientsCane sugar – 250 g, can be lessCoconut oil – 130 gChicken Egg – 110 g (2 pieces)Cocoa powder – 70 gAlmond flour – 70 gHazelnuts – 40 g (chopped)Vanilla – 7 g (to taste)Salt – 3 g (¼ tsp) For topping:Strawberry – 200 g (freshly diced)Coconut oil – 70 gCocoa …

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Salty Nut Brownies

Raw food brownies are not inferior to the taste of the classic, they can be easily cooked in haste. If you spend a little more time and remake the main recipe, you can get a terrific coffee cake (although raw coffee is not drunk). We offer a brownie-based multi-layer cake recipe, each layer of which …

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