Diet Muffins. 10 recipes for diet muffins for a snack.

1. Juicy chicken muffins with herbs

Chicken breast is one of the main products for those who care about their shape! (You can cook in advance and then take it with you for lunch to the office, they are equally tasty both hot and cold).

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10 breakfast options. 16 best morning products. Recipe.


  • Oatmeal with blueberries and almonds. In terms of a balanced diet, this is a great start to the day. Add the thawed blueberries and grated almonds to the Oatmeal, sprinkle with all the cinnamon and add some honey. These foods are rich in nutrients, protein and fiber.
  • Fried eggs with greens or scrambled eggs with vegetables. This breakfast is like for those who like to eat a good meal in the morning. In addition to feeling full, eggs will provide you with protein and vitamin E.
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Oatmeal: recipes for beauty

Oatmeal is the real “scrub” for the digestive system. Regular and constant use of oatmeal will saturate the body with useful microelements, fill the body with strength and energy, B vitamins and normalize digestion. After using the beauty salad, the skin shines with health from the inside, the excess weight disappears, the body cleanses from the slags and toxins and becomes light. And this means that a good mood and a feeling of ease during the day are guaranteed.

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Rice porridge with tangerines and nuts

Porridge is a basic product that must be present in the diet of each person. Although we are accustomed to the fact that porridge is boring, there will always be a way to diversify them. Fragrant rice porridge with tangerines – ideal for breakfast: fast, tasty and energy for the whole day! It will appeal to both children and adults.

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What is muesli ?

Cereals are the basis of muesli – most often it is oatmeal, but there are other options: rye, barley, wheat, corn, buckwheat, etc. Almost always flakes in muesli are pre-processed in various ways (thermal, steam, etc.) – so that they are edible without cooking and even without long swelling in the liquid. But the flakes would be just flakes if there were no other additives in the muesli. As additives use nuts, dried fruits, dried berries, chocolate pieces. The volume percentage of additives in muesli depends on the brand of the product and manufacturer, it can be from 10% to 50%. The more additives, the muesli is tastier and “richer” (and, as a rule, more expensive), but as far as the benefits to the body are concerned, this is an open question depending on what is added to the muesli. In addition, it is often possible to detect more dubious components in muesli: sugar, flavors, colors, preservatives.

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