Диетические конфеты “Трюфели” с морской солью

Порций: 10
Время готовки: 65 минут
Ккалл.: 88.6
Белки, г.: 3.6
Жиры, г.: 3.5
Углеводы, г.: 11.4

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Диетические ананасы в кляре

Порций: 6
Время готовки: 10 минут
Ккалл.: 147.2
Белки, г.: 2.8
Жиры, г.: 1.4
Углеводы, г.: 30.1
ананас – 1 шт. (средний)
яйцо куриное – 1 шт.
мука овсяная – 2 ст. л. (или заменяйте любой другой мукой)
хлопья кукурузные – 70 г

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Homemade Cookies: 17 Diet Recipes

What is the difference between ordinary cookies and home-made cookies? Let’s get it right.

The most important difference is the lack of sugar in dietary recipes. Often, in classic recipes, sugar acts as a sweetener. But it is worth recalling that 100 grams of this sweet product contains about 400 calories! And in one glass of sugar as much as 200 grams! Judge for yourself how many extra empty calories you get by eating regular cookies. In healthy recipes, we replace sugar with a natural sweetener. This is honey, maple syrup, agave syrup, stevia. Thus, you can significantly reduce the calorie content of an already prepared dish.

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Diet Muffins. 10 recipes for diet muffins for a snack.

1. Juicy chicken muffins with herbs

Chicken breast is one of the main products for those who care about their shape! (You can cook in advance and then take it with you for lunch to the office, they are equally tasty both hot and cold).

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Diet muffins: 7 divinely delicious recipes

Calorie muffins ordinary is about 370 calories per 100 grams. Of course, in the diet recipes due to the use of the right ingredients and natural sweeteners calorie muffins significantly reduced.

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