Dry brush massage

Dry massage is a body massage using a special brush – without oil or cream: brushing the brush over your skin in a specific direction. Dry massage history Russians, Japanese, Turks, and Scandinavians have used dry massage for centuries. 30 years ago, the Finnish doctor Paavo Airola revived a long tradition of treating his patients. …

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Jelly candies. Harm, and benefits

Candy Candy – sweet confectionery made from sugar, chocolate, candied fruits, and other products. There are many varieties of sweets in the world – these are fondants and candy bars, lollipops, and caramels with various fillings, toffee, truffles and roasted nuts, chocolate, milk, and waffle sweets, and many other varieties.

Marshmallow, marmalade, pastille

Of all the sweets, the most useful are marshmallows, marmalade, and candy. They are lower in calories and can be used in dietary meals. There are no fats in marmalade, marshmallow, and pastille, and for those who want to lose weight, but cannot do without sweets, it is better to replace other confectionery products with …

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Chocolate candy: benefits and harm

The benefits of chocolate Substances contained in dark chocolate reduce blood cholesterol, improve the functioning of our heart, protect the skin from premature aging, from the appearance of wrinkles, and prevent dementia in old age. Substances – phenamine, serotonin, phenethylamine, and others create a feeling of falling in love, increase sexuality, improve mood and a …

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Self-prepared hair masks

Self-preparation of a mask for the health of curls has a number of advantages: Low cost. An effective remedy can be made with the ingredients at hand. If necessary, you will need to buy something, but it will be much cheaper than purchasing a professional mask. Environmental friendliness. There is complete confidence that there are …

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The benefits and harms of dill for human health

Garden dill, well known to people for more than one thousand years, is used in the cuisines of various countries and regions. The plant in the form of extracts, decoctions, and fragrances is used in cosmetology, but dill greens are in no less demand in medicine. The inhabitants of Hellas and Ancient Rome also used …

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The benefits and harm of pears for the body

Rush (Pýrus) is the name given to the fruits of the tree of the same name, belonging to the Pink family. Traditionally, pears are in the shape of a light bulb, but there are round or cylindrical pears specially bred by breeders. Fruits have a variety of colors – almost transparent white, light and dark …

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The benefits and harms of lemon for the body

Lemon (lat. Citrus limon) is a plant of the genus Citrus, subtribe Citreae of the Rutaceae family and the fruits of this plant. The history of the appearance of lemon in nutritionThe evergreen lemon tree produces fragrant fruits – lemons. They appeared as a result of crossing citron and bitter orange. At the moment, wild …

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Seaweed: benefits and harm to the body

Seaweed or kelp is a very healthy and low-calorie product that is rich in iodine. History of seaweedToday there are a large number of foods that are low in calories but have tremendous benefits for our body. These products include seaweed. Kelp grows at a depth of 10-12 meters and belongs to the class of …

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Urbech: what is that, useful properties and harm

Urbech is a natural paste made from grated nuts or seeds. And also a powerful source of vegetable protein, vitamins, and minerals, beneficial fatty acids. A little bit of historyThe Urbech recipe was invented in the 17th century in Dagestan. Originally, the paste was made from flaxseeds. They were carefully ground with stone millstones and …

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