Apples stuffed with prunes

Calories for 100 g: 138 kcalProtein: 1 gFat: 0 gCarbohydrates: 32 g Ingredients for 3 servings: Apples 3 pcs. Filling:Prunes 250 gHoney 3 tbsp.

The benefits of apples for the body

The benefits of apples for the human body are enormous. Apple is one of the tastiest and most affordable fruits. It is almost impossible to overestimate the beneficial properties of an apple for humans: it is a real treasure trove of vitamins and trace elements, the balance of which in the body contributes to its …

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Delicious recipes for dessert

The stereotype that everything tasty is harmful has long been dispelled thanks to unique and indescribably tasty desserts made from healthy products only. Therefore, sweets are now available even to those who strictly follow the health. True, you shouldn’t abuse it – although the healthy desserts are digested quite quickly, they contain enough calories. In …

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