English is here. Каждый спортсмен должен помнить, что алкоголь в любом виде и в любых количествах на силовые показатели и рост мышц всегда действует отрицательно. Одноразовое употребление алкоголя, даже до степени легкого опьянения, по сути эквивалентно пропуску первой тренировки мышц. Сильная алкогольная интоксикация соответствует отсутствию одной-двух недель тренировок.

Alcohol promotes anxiety

Do you feel sudden and unfounded anxiety, worry, or even unexplained fear? Perhaps this is the result of the fact that the day before you “went too far” with alcohol. Drinking alcohol and related actions, as well as the effect of ethanol on human tissues and organs, lead not only to “basic” hangover symptoms, but …

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The effect of alcohol on muscles

Each athlete must remember that alcohol in any form and in any quantities on the strength indicators and muscle growth always acts negatively. A single alcohol consumption, even about the degree of slight intoxication, is equivalent in effect to missing your 1st workout in your muscles. Severe alcohol intoxication corresponds to missing one to two …

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5 Habits that help to prevent breast cancer

Quit smoking Smoking is usually associated with lung cancer, but some doctors believe that carcinogens in cigarettes may increase the risk of developing other cancers, including breast cancer. A 2017 study found that risk is particularly high in people who started smoking at an early age. This is due to the fact that cigarettes affect …

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