First aid for poisoning

Carbon monoxide poisoningCarbon monoxide poisoning is one of the most dangerous that a person encounters in life. This gas is colorless, odorless, and heavier than air. It spreads easily through obstacles, walls, windows, soil, and even respirators may not keep it from spreading. Carbon monoxide binds strongly to hemoglobin and attacks red blood cells. Normally, …

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Electric shock

It’s hard to imagine life without electricity in 2020. In today’s modern society, it provides everything in our life. We rely on it every day in the workplace when traveling and of course at home. Although most interactions with electricity occur without incident, electric shock can occur in any environment, including industrial and construction sites, …

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First aid for frostbite

Under the influence of cold, small vessels, capillaries narrow, and blood flow through their stops. This leads to tissue damage, and in severe frostbite, to their necrosis up to bones and joints. Unfortunately, in the most severe situations, frostbite can result in the amputation of fingers or limbs. Therefore, it is very important to quickly …

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Why does a person who sits age much faster and what else is a sedentary lifestyle dangerous?

The human body is designed in such a way that for the normal functioning of all systems and organs, it needs physical activity. Therefore, a sedentary lifestyle often becomes the cause of various diseases – from thrombosis to depression. How the back reacts?It would seem, what can be the load on your back if you …

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How to enjoy every day?

“To live and be happy, you need only two things: the first is to live, the second is to be happy.” The aphorism is wonderful, the truth is simple, but is it possible? Once I suddenly noticed that I somehow couldn’t enjoy every day. I will not say that I am spiteful. No, I’m funny! …

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Sauna: Health benefits and precautions

“Sauna”, translated from Finnish, means “bath”. This word was borrowed and passed into many other languages. Some researchers believe that the sauna was invented during the Byzantine Empire, or borrowed by the Scythians from the Slavs, who were associated with the Finns. One way or another, the sauna is an original Finnish tradition.

Dry brush massage

Dry massage is a body massage using a special brush – without oil or cream: brushing the brush over your skin in a specific direction. Dry massage history Russians, Japanese, Turks, and Scandinavians have used dry massage for centuries. 30 years ago, the Finnish doctor Paavo Airola revived a long tradition of treating his patients. …

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Self-prepared hair masks

Self-preparation of a mask for the health of curls has a number of advantages: Low cost. An effective remedy can be made with the ingredients at hand. If necessary, you will need to buy something, but it will be much cheaper than purchasing a professional mask. Environmental friendliness. There is complete confidence that there are …

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The benefits and harms of dill for human health

Garden dill, well known to people for more than one thousand years, is used in the cuisines of various countries and regions. The plant in the form of extracts, decoctions, and fragrances is used in cosmetology, but dill greens are in no less demand in medicine. The inhabitants of Hellas and Ancient Rome also used …

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