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Hi, my name is Nadiia. I am from Ukraine. I cannot live without sport, healthy food, art and just interesting things. Of course I love to share it) I have tried many things, I wish to try more and more, it never stops) I have so many interests that I am going crazy already) I sewing underwear, do some paintings and other handmade, love cooking and eating that! Of course, I enjoy if my information and my creations are useful to someone.

How indoor plants can improve our lives

Plants have an effect on the human body, toning and improving mood or, conversely, helping to fall asleep.

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If you want to change the world, start with yourself.

If you want all those around you to become better and the world around you to become kinder, you need to become better and become kinder yourself, because any person and the surrounding reality can initially remake themselves inside a person.  It depends on the person how he wants to see the world around him, good or bad, in gray or colored.  Therefore, it is necessary to start with oneself and make the world a better and kinder place, everyone can do with their efforts.  The world around us is a reflection of the thoughts, feelings and emotions of a person and what is contained in the subconscious and in the soul is manifested outside.  It is necessary to clearly understand that a person creates all events together with the world around him.

Let’s look at our society, and in my opinion it can be divided into 2 types of people.

So, the first type of people, we can say the most common type in the modern world, there are a lot of them around, especially among the older generation.  There are people in the world who are unhappy with what is happening around them, people, their lives, power, the world around them and politicians.  And such people themselves paint their reality in black.

They subconsciously tune themselves to a negative perception of their reality, they look at the whole world from the position of the victim, with thoughts like we can’t change anything and someone else should solve all the problems for us

Someone constantly “owes” something to them or they “owe” something to someone.

Often such people feel sorry for themselves and blame others for their mistakes, they are also often duplicitous.

They are all lovers of watching TV and listening to the lies that are pouring on them, in addition, they believe everything that they show and say.

They believe that they need to work hard to earn more money in order to survive in this reality.

The most important goal in life for them is to make money at all costs, and they want to take more and give less.

Such people try not to follow their speech and very often swear.

Such people like to drink alcohol, energy, smoke cigarettes, usually eat dead and synthetic foods.

They do not like and do not respect themselves and those around them, they think that all the causes of negativity are not in themselves, but outside, and therefore they are driven and controlled by fear, superstition, hatred, bad habits, ignorance and public opinion.

Now consider the second type of people.  There are conscious beings on the planet who are happy with life and always rejoice and smile, they realize and understand that the surrounding reality is created from thoughts and actions, from the inner content, depends only on themselves.

These conscious beings understand and fully realize that from their thoughts, words, emotions and actions, they create their reality – their surrounding world.  They live and perceive everything that happens in the surrounding reality, from the position of the Master of their life and creator.

They are responsible for themselves.

They realize that negative thoughts and negative words sent to someone will return to them with much more difficult consequences, therefore they bring to the World Good, Love, the warmth of the Soul and the World reciprocates.

They speak and think of “power”, the state and “politicians” only Good, bright and Gracious, as they realize that they themselves endow the “politicians” and any other people with certain qualities, habits and character traits,  which means waking up every morning in the new Reality, these people will know that every day in the state there are more and more honest, fair, Good and Wise “politicians”.

Such people do not blame or spare anyone, because they know that there is no Sense.

They sincerely love themselves and wish themselves well.  Having fallen in love with themselves, they become endless sources of Love for all Living things.

Having fallen in love with such people, they begin to take care of their Health and Body, they forever refuse alcohol, cigarettes, meat, fish and products with chemical additives.

Such people heal themselves and do not need “medical assistance”.

Such people realize that before they receive anything, they must give something back.

Such people work and work for the benefit of all living beings, not for the sake of money, but because it is a joy to them.

Such people are successful, confident, happy and prosperous, because their way of life, thoughts and words attract everything they want to them.

Their words, thoughts and actions are tools for transforming and perfecting the World.

Such people monitor their speech and thoughts, realizing that every word and thought changes their Reality.

Such people realize that the reason for everything is in their thinking and attitude towards themselves, people of the World.

All incoming information is filtered through their Intuition and consciously make decisions.

Such people awakened their Mind and gained strength of mind, they know who they are and why they came to this World.

Thus, it is important to understand what a person believes in, what thoughts and words he sends to reality, then he gets it back, so it is very important to pay attention to your thoughts, actions and thoughts.  This is a very simple truth.  Remember: “according to your faith, it will be given to you.”

Every word we say carries within it both a destructive and a creative charge of energy and strength.  In our own words and thought forms we create ourselves, our reality, the world around us, it is important to replace destruction with creation!

Each person, as a spiritual person, is the creator of his reality, a person has the power to create or destroy using the words spoken by him.  Words have power because  they are filled with the strength of our spirit.  Each of us with our thoughts, words, actions and deeds affects what is happening.  Remember this!  Live consciously, live in Goodness and Joy!  Wake up and look at the wonderful world.

Give warmth and love, giving it to people she will return to you in twins.  There are no good or bad people in our world, there are no people who are worse or better than the other, in fact there is only a choice, and what choice you make in your life depends on each of you.  Respect, sincerely love and value yourself!  I wish you all happiness, kindness, peace, love, harmony with yourself.  Start creating your reality yourself.

Хочешь изменить мир – начни с себя

Если вы хотите чтобы все окружающие стали лучше и окружающий вас мир стал добрее, для этого необходимо самому сделаться лучше и стать добрее, ведь себя переделать может всякий человек и окружающая реальность изначально формируется внутри человека. От самого человека зависит каким он хочет видеть окружающий мир плохими или хорошим, в серых тонах или цветных.  Поэтому необходимо начать с себя и сделать мир лучше и добрее своими усилиями может сделать каждый. Окружающий мир является отражением мыслей, чувств и эмоций человека и то что содержится в подсознании и в душе, проявляется вовне. Необходимо четко понять, что все события человек создает сам вместе окружающим его миром.

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Куриные рулетики с клюквой

Ингредиенты на 3 порции:

куриная грудка – 600 г
клюква свежая или замороженная – 100 г
твердый сыр – 50 г
оливковое масло – 3 столовые ложки
горчица – 1 чайная ложка
чеснок – 1-2 зубчика
соль, перец – по вкусу
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Cranberry Chicken Rolls

Ingredients for 3 servings:

    chicken breast – 600 g
    fresh or frozen cranberries – 100 g
    hard cheese – 50 g
    olive oil – 3 tablespoons
    mustard – 1 teaspoon
    garlic – 1-2 cloves
    salt, pepper – to taste

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Как научиться мыслить позитивно

Photo by Just Name on Pexels.com

Вы когда-нибудь замечали, что от ваших мыслей зависит настроение и эмоциональное состояние? Наверняка, да. Но когда проблемы окружают, позитивные мысли уходят из головы. Как переступить через себя? Как научиться мыслить позитивно?

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How to learn to think positively

Photo by Just Name on Pexels.com

 Have you ever noticed that mood and emotional state depend on your thoughts? Sure, yes. But when problems surround, positive thoughts leave my head. How to step over yourself? How to learn to think positively?

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