About me

Every person wants to understand their own body, their thoughts. Lots of us have no idea what to do and how to solve problems, besides not all problems are problems. Believe me, everything is possible in this world, it  just depends on your desires and acts. Maybe my English is not that perfect in order to explain things better, but I will try)

My name is  Nadiia and I am from Ukraine, I am willing to share with you my experience and my ideas. Who knows,maybe you gonna teach me something too) It is obvious, that  all of us are teachers to our friends, children and even unknown people.

Here you will find advices for healthy food, fitness and some other things which might be useful for you. I hope, you gonna find a power of will to change your lifestyle or just to understand that you doing great!

If you have any questions, you can contact me on Facebook or Instagram :




8 thoughts on “About me

  1. I like what you are trying to teach. My grandfather was Ukrainian, so I feel a connection to things in that part of the world. You mentioned maybe others have things to teach and your english might not be great. First, there is a typo in your second sentence. You said: “Lots of us have know idea…” That’s the wrong “know”, you want to use this “no”. Second, your english is just fine. Keep up the good work in all things.

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