About me

My story

I always was interested in a healthy lifestyle, sports. It is my passion.

I was a very active child, I think that explains why I love fitness that much. At school, I was training as an athlete, I took part in the competition in college. It wasn`t something extraordinary, I was figuring out my way. It is great when you already know who you want to be and what do you want to do. For me it was difficult. As always, I wanted all at the same time. I tried dancing, gym, swimming, and other activities. 

I always tried to push myself hard. I was never happy with my results. After college, I started to attend the gym more often, went for Wing Chun martial arts and fly yoga, stretching. Don`t judge, I cannot pick only one thing, it is my problem. My advice to you, just choose your favorite activity and be the best at it.  

I am Nadiia

I am glad to see you on my blog

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