Wheat porridge kolivo

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Kolivo is a lean sweetness made from wheat grits in water. In the Orthodox tradition, this dish is eaten during Great Lent, it symbolizes the resurrection. Kolivo is made not only from wheat but also from other cereals.


Wheat groats – 0.5 cups
Poppy – 10 grams
Cream – 100 milliliters
Honey – 1 tablespoon
Berry jam (cherry) – 2 tablespoons
Salt – 1 pinch

Cooking method:

Pour wheat grits with water and cook over low heat. Salt. Pour boiling water over the poppy seeds separately. When the water cools down, pour boiling water over the poppy again to make it swell. After – rub it with a crush. When the porridge is cooked, add poppy seeds and cream to it, cook until tender. If the water is not completely absorbed into the porridge, then simply drain it. At the last stage, add honey and jam to the porridge. The dish should be thick and crumbly.


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