Japanese pastries “Mochi”

Servings: 6
Rice flour – 150 g
Powdered sugar – 45 g
Water – 150 ml
Dye – 25 ml (juice of berries, carrots, spinach, etc.)
Starch – To taste (for working with dough)

Cooking method:

  1. Combine rice flour with powdered sugar.
  2. Pour blueberry juice into water and add to dry ingredients.
  3. Mix everything thoroughly. The dough should be very runny. If it is thick, you can add some more water.
  4. Cover the bowl with cling film and microwave. I put it on max power for 1.5 minutes. Then I look at the consistency and put it on for another 1 minute.
  5. The flour will be brewed and you will get such a sticky mass. Stir well and cool slightly.
  6. Sprinkle the work surface with starch.
  7. Pinch off a piece of rice dough, place on the starch and flatten.
  8. Place the filling in the center. I have peanut butter.
  9. And close it neatly. The Mochi cake can be so round if the filling is soft or in the shape of truffle, if you put, for example, strawberries in the middle.
  10. As soon as the work is over, you can immediately try.

2 thoughts on “Japanese pastries “Mochi””

  1. From an Asian perspective, I like their circular and conical shapes similar to the aesthetic beauty of various kinds of sushi rolls.

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