Barley porridge: benefits and harms

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The history of barley porridge
Barley porridge is prepared from peeled whole barley grains. If the grains are crushed, such porridge is called barley.

Pearl barley is not capricious and grows in many climatic zones. Thanks to this, it was so popular in Russia. For the first time, barley porridge was mentioned in ancient Egypt. Also, pearl barley is mentioned many times in the Bible.

Barley porridge was considered a “royal meal” for a reason. It was not easy to cook it until tender, and it took a lot of time. For the nobility, the cereals were soaked, boiled for a long time, simmering in the oven, so that the porridge became the most delicious.

But ordinary people also often ate barley. It is very satisfying and was a good substitute for meat, which was rarely on the tables.

The benefits of barley porridge
Barley porridge is one of the richest in various vitamins and minerals. Pearl barley is the champion for the presence of chromium.

There is a lot of potassium, iron, calcium in cereals. Barley is much richer than wheat in fiber content, therefore it is especially useful for digestion. Fiber enhances peristalsis and serves as a breeding ground for beneficial bacteria in the intestines.

The satiety of pearl barley porridge is due to the high content of vegetable protein. It saturates the body for a long time and fights against hunger. This is important during weight-loss diets.

Barley porridge improves skin condition. Moreover, both when eaten and in the form of nutritious masks. This cereal contains a lot of lysines, which are necessary for the production of collagen. It is he who makes the skin elastic, preventing sagging and the appearance of wrinkles.

Pearl barley contains hordecin, a substance with an antibacterial effect. It helps reduce inflammation and inhibits the growth of pathogenic flora. A decoction of cereals and the pearl barley porridge itself perfectly fight inflammatory diseases of the intestines and stomach, soften the mucous membranes. Barley is no less useful for liver damage.

Calories per 100 grams 123 kcal
Proteins 2.5 g
Fat 0.45 g
Carbohydrates 28.5 g

Barley porridge harm
Barley usually does not cause problems, but allergic reactions are possible. It is also better not to give porridge to children under 2 years of age.

Barley porridge causes flatulence and constipation, so people with similar bowel diseases need to limit barley in their diet.

The use of barley porridge in medicine
In medicine, pearl barley is firmly established in many medical menus. Barley porridge and especially a decoction of cereals are recommended for people with intestinal diseases. Barley will also help with gastritis, diseases of the pancreas. Sometimes porridge is included in the diet even at the stage of exacerbation of the disease. Barley is known for its enveloping, anti-inflammatory properties. Mucous broths accelerate the healing of inflamed membranes of organs.

Often, barley porridge is eaten when losing weight, due to its low-calorie content. At the same time, barley is nutritious enough to saturate the body even during diets.

For diabetics, as well as for vascular and heart diseases, the inclusion of barley in the diet can improve health. Groats have a low glycemic index, do not cause rises in blood sugar levels, and also strengthen blood vessels.

The use of barley porridge in cooking
Barley porridge is inconvenient for long cooking. To speed it up, you can soak the pearl barley in advance overnight in cool water, which you then need to drain and rinse the cereals before cooking. So it will retain the maximum of useful substances, and it will take a little time to cook. After barley porridge can be eaten with butter, added to soups, salads.

How to choose and store barley porridge?
Pearl barley is sold in individual packages or by weight. It is better to choose barley in the package, it protects the grain from moisture. Examine the package – there should be no litter and grain pests inside.

Barley is usually harvested in August, so the best packing date is the end of summer. The grain will be as fresh as possible. Groats are stored in an airtight container in a dry place.

Ready-made pearl barley porridge in water or milk can stand for a couple of days, but always in the refrigerator.


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