Month: December 2021

Healthy Nutella

Number of Servings: 10Ingredients:Hazelnut – 200 gChocolate – 50-60 gAgave Syrup – 50 ml

Fish oil: benefits and harms

The history of fish oilPharmacist Möller in the 19th century noticed the relationship between the health of the inhabitants of coastal regions and a large amount of fish in their diet. People were less likely to suffer from anemia, rickets, night blindness. Laboratory studies have confirmed the benefits of fish oil, and its sale in …

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Chanterelles: benefit and harm

Chanterelle historyChanterelles are bright red mushrooms that grow in large families in coniferous or birch forests. The hats are usually small, but in other climates, their size reaches 10-15 cm. Chanterelles are famous for the fact that they are practically not affected by worms. It is generally accepted that chanterelles are a typical mushroom of …

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The benefits of hemp tea

Now hemp is associated with something not entirely legal, but our ancestors could well be considered honorary cannabis growers: they stopped cultivating this plant en masse only in the 1960s. All over the world, it is considered useful; oil, cosmetics, and medicines are prepared from it. Dry hemp leaves contain a record amount of substances …

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Fear of people

If people passing by cause attacks of panic or intense fear, this is a serious phobic disorder. This fear leads to isolation from society. And here the help of a specialist is important. What is the name of the fear of people?The fear of people has its scientific name – anthropophobia. This is a serious …

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Intracranial pressure in adults

What is intracranial pressure?The brain is surrounded by fluid – cerebrospinal fluid, which nourishes and protects nerve cells. Cerebrospinal fluid is continuously formed and flows away from the skull, due to which its constant pressure is maintained. This is intracranial pressure – a certain force that presses on the brain and the walls of the …

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Oatmeal: benefits and harms

The history of the appearance of oatmeal in nutritionOats are an annual plant that originated in Mongolia and northeastern China. Whole fields of heat-loving spelled were grown there, and wild oats began to litter its crops. But they did not try to fight it, because they immediately noticed its excellent feeding properties. Gradually, oats moved …

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