Green walnut jam with honey

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Unfortunately, the technology for preparing the dessert is such that at the stage of preparing the fruits, they lose a huge part of their vitamins. To avoid this, other equally valuable products are put into nut jam, for example, honey, which also acts as a good preservative.

Cooking method:

1. Grind a kilogram of walnuts through a meat grinder.

2. Mix the resulting mass with the same amount of honey.

3. Put the honey jam in a clean jar and store it in the cold.

How to prepare nuts for boiling
First of all, prepare the pens, or rather, protect them with gloves so that the iodine, for which the nut is famous, does not stain the skin in an iodine color.

There are two ways to prepare nuts for cooking:

Preparing nuts with lime mortar
Do not be intimidated by this method, friends, in the Caucasus it has been soaked for centuries, and no one is poisoned, it is only important to rinse the fruits thoroughly afterward.

  • Rinse the fruits, then peel them off a thin green rind.
  • Soak the peeled kernels in cold water for 2 days. This does not mean that you have to forget the nuts for this time – change the water three times a day.
  • Further, in order to get rid of the bitterness that turns into jam, the fruits are soaked for four hours in a lime solution. The fruits are considered ready to work when the water after the infusion is clean, without iodine tint.
  • Lime mortar is prepared as follows: 5 liters. take 0.5 kg of water. slaked lime. Dissolve the lime and wait until it dissolves in water.
  • Drain the lime solution, rinse the fruits under a strong stream of water (do not spare time, wash thoroughly).
  • Stick in several places, it is convenient to do this with a fork and refill with cold water. Carefully! Use gloves to prick the shells – they are hot inside.
  • Leave the preparation for 2 days – this is the last stage of preparation for making the jam.

Lime-free and peeled nut jam
The most gentle, without soaking in a lime solution, method. After all, many are afraid of preparing the first methods precisely because of the lime.

  • It is necessary to clean only the end of the fruit, then pierce with a fork, a knitting needle in several places. In the resulting holes, stick the sticks of the cloves.
  • Soak the fruits in cold water, and leave for 10 days, changing the water every day twice, or even more often.
  • On the tenth day, boil the fruit for 10-13 minutes, drain the water and soak it again in cold water for 24 hours.
  • After a day, drain the water, dry the nuts. They are ready to cook.

8 thoughts on “Green walnut jam with honey”

  1. An arduous process for a tasty product. I’m gathering it’s tasty. I like walnuts and honey, and I imagine they go well together.

    1. It is not easy process, need to be careful with lime mortar, sounds weird, but my mom used to do it, I did not. This mortar was natural long time ago, but now, who knows, what is in there. But this jam is crazy, I mean, my favorite and at the same time, nothing else tastes like that. I cannot compare.

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