How to enjoy every day?

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“To live and be happy, you need only two things: the first is to live, the second is to be happy.” The aphorism is wonderful, the truth is simple, but is it possible? Once I suddenly noticed that I somehow couldn’t enjoy every day. I will not say that I am spiteful. No, I’m funny! True … somewhere deep inside. I suddenly realized that I was wearing a mask of seriousness and sullenness, even when my soul was warm and calm.

Diary tricks
How to keep a diary correctly? This is not difficult. And if you also want to regain your joy, and it comes back (see the psychologist’s comment), these points will explain a lot to you.

  1. An old tattered diary notebook is no good. Therefore, first, we go to the store and make ourselves a gift – we choose a new one, which we will really like! By this principle, we buy a pen.
  2. During the day, we keep track of everything, everything that brought joy. The sun is shining, they smiled at you, made a discount in the store, you successfully passed the annual report, the scales showed minus 1.5 kilograms … Be able to discern these joys in your everyday bustle.
  3. Write it down immediately in your journal. If it doesn’t work right away, you can do it at the end of the day. But be sure to take a pen and a notebook: mentally marking the joy is not considered.
  4. A diary should be kept every day. Better to make it your new habit. Therefore, we keep a diary for at least 40 days. If you like the lesson – continue. The longer the better.
  5. In the early days, thoughts such as: “some kind of nonsense”, “kindergarten, by God”, “there is not enough time”, “does it really work?” Works! Just keep writing.

Is it enough to just keep a diary of joy?
You definitely need to start with it. People say, this is stupid, it will not help … But is it not stupid to sit in sorrow and wait, “a magician in a blue helicopter”? Understand that the wizard is yourself.

But a terminally ill person, or a person who is forced to go to a terrible job, or someone who cannot start a family, give birth to a child, will the diary solve his problems?
Of course, problems need to be addressed. We do not urge you to laugh, and that’s it. But the absence of a family or a small pension does not make the sun bad or the flowers terrible. It’s a matter of perception. The question is, in what shades does a person color his life. Yes, sometimes we cannot choose the circumstances, but what we can definitely change is our mood. When a person is fixated on a problem, he is in a position of claim: I am the victim. And he doesn’t notice anything else!

Is it close to the sores?
When a person rejoices, even if at first even artificially, hormones are released from it, which are responsible for a positive state. They, in turn, normalize stress hormones and the entire endocrine system. And if you experience negative emotions day after day, energy is lost, and illness may arise. Rejoicing, we support the entire body, change its biochemistry, create new neural connections that are responsible for positive thinking.

Doesn’t such artificial joy hinder development, the desire for change? Man has learned to rejoice, and why should he change something in life? Earns pennies lives in a barn, and has fun …
Here the question is different. Often people change jobs or wives out of internal discomfort, and not because the job or wife/husband is bad. They run from one place to another, carrying problems within themselves. There is a simple rule: change the inner world – and the outer world will change!

Have you not noticed: everything is easier for the cheerful in life? And by the way, optimists are better perceived at interviews. A positive person sees more opportunities, is more open to new meetings and acquaintances. A person in a depressed mood is unlikely to see them and generally meet them, he is closed in himself. If a person knows how to enjoy every day and trains this ability, he has more chances to catch luck by the tail.


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  1. Very inspiring post. And think of it, the art of writing or diary keeping is really dying. This could revitalize the entire art form.

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