How often should you change your menstrual cup? Can I sleep and swim with it?

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The reusable menstrual cups are made from safe medical-grade silicone. They do not absorb secretions, like other intimate hygiene products, and do not provoke the growth of pathogens. Due to their large capacity, they can be used for 8-12 hours, regardless of the abundance of menstruation. Therefore, using the menstrual cup at night, you can sleep peacefully and not worry about it harming your health or leaking during sleep.

Can I swim with a menstrual cup?
The good thing about reusable cups is that you can not only sleep with them but also continue an active lifestyle without any discomfort. If the cup is installed correctly, it is absolutely not felt inside: it does not dry out and does not change the state of the internal mucous membrane, and also does not cause irritation of the intimate area.

Unlike a tampon, which absorbs moisture and swells when bathing, the silicone cup, on the contrary, prevents water from entering the vagina, providing additional protection against infections. Due to its tightness, it is comfortable to play any sports, sleep, take a bath, and even swim with it without the risk of leaks.

How often should you change your menstrual cup?
Many women are also concerned about how long to wear a menstrual cup and how often to change it when using it. How long a menstrual cup lasts depends on its model and capacity. It is necessary to empty the container at least twice a day, and preferably every 8 hours. On days of heavy discharge, you can change the cup more often.

The maximum time during which the cup can be in the vagina is 12 hours, so you can sleep with it all night long without harm to your health. If you are worried about the product leaking while you sleep, use panty liners for extra protection.


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