Protein semolina cake

Photo by Mumma Oyens from Pexels

Nutritional value (per 100 g):
Calorie content – 168 kcal
Protein – 14.7 g
Fat – 3.8 g
Carbohydrates – 18.6 g

Semolina – 120 g
Protein (no additives) – 70 g
Yogurt (thick) – 300 g
Lemon (zest) – 1 pc.
Eggs – 3 pcs.
Baking powder – 10 g
Sweetener – 15 g

For impregnation:

Water – 75 g
Jerusalem artichoke syrup – 25 g

Cooking method:

  1. Add protein without additives to semolina and mix thoroughly. The most useful, of course, is whole grain semolina.
  2. Add thick yogurt to the resulting mass and mix thoroughly too. We leave the mass for 10 minutes so that the semolina swells a little.
  3. This pie with lemon zest turns out to be very tasty. Rub the lemon on a fine grater (only the yellow part of the zest). We send the zest to the dough.
  4. Add the rest of the ingredients (eggs, baking powder, and sweetener). Mix thoroughly until smooth.
  5. It turns out dough of medium density. We put it in a baking dish and send it to an oven preheated to 175 degrees for 35 minutes.
  6. It will be delicious if you soak this cake right after baking. I have 100 grams of impregnation: a mixture of water and natural sugar-free syrup. You can also use lemon juice with water and sweetener – this option will, of course, contain fewer carbs.

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  1. My grandmother used to make a semolina cake, probably a little different from this one. But also, use 100% semolina to make home made macaroni. That is the best way.

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