Salad with pasta, tuna, and vegetables

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This salad is very easy to prepare, contains all the necessary nutrients (proteins, fats, carbohydrates, fiber).

Nutritional value (per 100 g):
Caloric content – 90 kcal
Proteins – 7.5 g
Fat – 2 g
Carbohydrates – 10.5 g

Pasta (from durum wheat) – 50 g
Tuna (in its own juice) – 130 g
Cucumber – 100 g
Bell pepper – 100 g
Green peas – 50 g
Green onions to taste

For refueling:
Olive oil – 1 tsp
Balsamic vinegar – 1 tsp
Honey – 1 tsp
Salt and pepper to taste

Cooking method::

  1. If you have already boiled pasta, then you need to take 150 grams of it already cooked. If not, then boil the pasta in salted water. In this case, take 50 grams.
  2. Drain excess juice from canned tuna, and transfer the fish to a salad bowl.
  3. Cut the cucumber, bell pepper, and green onions into cubes and send them to the salad along with the green peas.
  4. For refueling, mix oil, vinegar, and honey.
    Put the pasta in a colander, let it cool a little.
  5. Add pasta, dressing, salt, and pepper to the salad. Mix well.

4 thoughts on “Salad with pasta, tuna, and vegetables”

  1. This is great on a hot summer day. Try substituting grilled chicken breast or salmon for the tuna and you have three different meals. Excellent!

    1. Indeed, I love replacing some ingredients, I do it also with rice ( I mean replacing it with buckwheat). By the way, turkey can be in salad too.

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