Green tea ice cream

Image by yuexiaoli77 from Pixabay

On the basis of the drink, you can prepare a healthy treat, refreshing in the heat. However, it is high in calories and should not be carried away.


Milk 3.5% – 1 l
Leaf green tea – 5 tsp
Sugar – 7 tbsp.
Condensed milk – ½ can

Cooking method:

Heat the milk without boiling. Dip tea and sugar in hot milk. Cover and leave for 3 minutes. Strain the milk, add condensed milk, pour into a container, and freeze. After the mass has solidified, take it out and slightly defrost it at room temperature. Then beat on high speed in a blender and place in tins. Re-freeze for 1 – 2 hours.


10 thoughts on “Green tea ice cream”

      1. Sounds yummy. I just love the way you experiment with different ingredients and produce something so different and unique Nadiia. 🍨😋🍦

      2. Thank you, I really should like to learn how to make unique ice cream like I tried there. It was unusual.

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