Oatmeal dessert

Image by dmarr515 from Pixabay

Calorie content per 100 grams
Calories: 142.15 kcal
Proteins: 5.55 g
Fat: 2.11 g
Carbohydrates: 26.28 g
Servings: 2

Oat flakes 200 g.
Milk 0% ½ cup
Yogurt 0% 1 cup
Blueberries 1 cup
Honey 1 tbsp

Cooking method:

  1. Mix oatmeal with milk and grind well in a blender.
  2. Add yogurt and honey to the resulting mass. Grind well.
  3. Add frozen berries. Grind the berry well.

8 thoughts on “Oatmeal dessert”

  1. This is a can’t miss dessert or breakfast. Never blended it so much, but the mixture is great. Light and nutritious. Thank you.

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