Whole grain toast with dried apricots

Photo by Evie Fjord on Unsplash

Calorie content per 100 grams
Calories: 221.13 kcal
Proteins: 6.34 g
Fat: 3.54 g
Carbohydrates: 40.76 g

Servings: 4

Dried apricots 1 tbsp.
Whole grain bread 4 pcs.
White sesame to taste
Black sesame to taste

Cooking method:

  1. Remove the seeds from the dried apricots.
  2. Dry the bread in a toaster or skillet.
  3. Place dried apricots in a blender and chop.
  4. Spread the mixture on the bread.

6 thoughts on “Whole grain toast with dried apricots”

  1. Breakfast is my favorite meal and this will only add to my enjoyment. Another good idea. So much better than a sweet, sugar filled spread.

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