Potatoes: benefits and harms to the body

Potato history
It is known that the homeland of potatoes in South America. Back in 1565, potatoes were used as food by the tribes of the Indians who inhabited the territory of modern Peru and Bolivia.

The root crop became more widespread thanks to the Spanish navigators who went to explore the mainland in order to enrich themselves with gold. But instead of precious metal, they found potatoes, which became a very grandiose discovery, which introduced the whole world to this amazing vegetable.

The spread of potatoes around the world began only at the beginning of the 17th century. It appeared in Russia during the reign of Peter I. He issued a decree on the cultivation of potatoes throughout the country, in all regions and provinces. This caused a flurry of discontent among the peasants, who did not want to give their land for cultivation, as they called, “the devil’s apple”.

In the middle of the 19th century, during the reign of Nicholas I, “potato riots” began to break out everywhere: peasants burned fields, beat landowners, destroyed crops.

And only by the end of the 19th century, the situation with potatoes calmed down. People ceased to be afraid of being poisoned by it, they began to grow it and eat it. Gradually, potatoes began to displace turnips and radishes, took root on peasant tables, and learned to cook various dishes from it.

The benefits of potatoes
Potatoes have a unique composition that has a beneficial effect on the human body. Regular consumption of potatoes can:

Remove excess fluid and salt from the body;

Improve metabolism;

Stop the symptoms of acute gastritis;

Decrease the acidity of the stomach;

Facilitate the course of the gastric ulcer;

Reduce cholesterol levels;

Increase the level of hemoglobin in the blood;

Saturate the body with useful substances that help fight fatigue;

Have a positive effect on female beauty: strengthen nails, improve the condition of skin and hair;

During pregnancy, the use of potatoes can reduce puffiness, relieve a woman from heartburn, and ensure the correct development of the child.
“One of the most controversial foods in the dietary system is potatoes. The harm of potatoes to the figure is too exaggerated. If prepared correctly, it will not harm the figure, but will only benefit.

It is important not to add high-calorie sauces, mayonnaise, butter to the dish, and preferably eat it while baking.

The good composition of potatoes lowers cholesterol levels and stimulates the removal of excess fluid from the body. Also, potatoes affect the gastrointestinal tract and protect the stomach from irritation.

100 grams of potatoes contain 70-90 calories, 2.5 g of protein, 0.12 g of fat, 21 g of carbohydrates. Potatoes are rich in potassium – 420 mg, vitamin C – 11 mg, phosphorus – 60 mg, magnesium – 22 mg, B vitamins.

Potato harm
The main rule is to follow the recommended daily intake of this product. Exceeding it can cause an increase in overall body weight and the development of unpleasant side effects.

Also, do not eat a product whose skin turns green. This indicates that the level of solanine is exceeded in the product, which can have a detrimental effect on the human body, due to the toxic properties of this substance.
The use of potatoes in medicine
Potatoes are widely used in folk medicine. The tubers themselves, the peel, and even its flowers are used. The unique properties of the root crop have a positive effect on the human body and help to cope with many pathological processes.

Potatoes are known for many medicinal properties:

Helps to clear the respiratory tract with inhalation for various ENT diseases;

Is able to reduce severe swelling and remove swelling;

It has an effect on blood pressure, helping to lower it.

For this reason, various tinctures and compresses are prepared on the basis of potatoes, which are used to treat joint diseases. Potato juice is used to treat gastrointestinal diseases. And applying fresh potatoes to the affected areas helps to cope with skin diseases and burns.

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  1. Thomas Pickard

    Very interesting, I didn’t know that much about the simple potato, thank you for the education.

  2. Thank you for this. It’s clear and encouraging. I am a fan of potatoes. I’d only heard about the problem with green skin recently. I’m now trying to learn to be aware, to know what to look for.

  3. I’ve never thought of potatoes. as a vegetable in a nutritious way or as a juice to drink. Very interesting post.

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