Agar-agar and its beneficial properties

There are food additives that are natural, that is, made from plant materials, and synthetic – obtained in laboratories, it is absolutely precisely artificial fillers that will harm you. Natural supplements can harm your health only when their consumption exceeds the permissible norms, but this happens with any product – if you eat something in unlimited quantities, this will not affect your health in the best way.

Let’s talk about agar-agar. Now, this herbal substitute for traditional gelatin is experiencing a real surge of interest due to its beneficial properties and wide range of applications.

For the first time, they started talking about agar in 1884, although then the discovery was associated with microbiology. However, a little later, thanks to research, other properties of the substance were revealed, which are still actively used.

As we said above, the basis for agar is plant raw materials, and named red algae, which then go through several stages of cleaning, drying, and grinding. Agar comes to the store in powder form.

The benefits of agar agar
Agar-agar has zero calorie content and therefore is very popular for dietary nutrition and the treatment of obesity diseases. In addition, agar can be used as a prebiotic for constipation.

Being a product obtained from algae, agar has inherited a composition rich in trace elements, beneficial acids, and iodine, which is indispensable for the full functioning of the thyroid gland. Agar is rich in magnesium and iron, as well as fiber.

Agar-agar actively fights varicose veins, as well as a decrease in gastric acidity. When treating the gastrointestinal tract, agar does not wash out useful substances, but gently removes toxins and toxins, preserving the microflora. This nutritional supplement satisfies hunger and keeps you feeling full for a long time due to the coarse fiber content. Daily use of agar increases immunity and protective functions of the body, strengthening it. Agar is also used to cleanse the liver from bile and strengthen the lungs. Another important property of the supplement, recently unveiled by scientists, is its ability to prevent cancer, in particular breast cancer.

Agar-agar application
Agar has gained the greatest popularity in food production, where its gelling properties have found their application. Agar has an E406 food additive index and acts as a thickener in the manufacture of confectionery products – chewing sweets, marmalade, pastilles, marshmallows, puddings, cake fillings, and jellies. Agar is also added to canned meat, vegetables and fish, mayonnaise, juices, condensed milk, and ice cream.

In medicine, agar is used as a healing agent that promotes cell regeneration and restoration.

In cosmetology, agar is added to skincare products for the face, hair, nails, due to its moisturizing and strengthening properties.

Thus, by purchasing only one product, you get a product with a huge list of useful properties, the use of which is possible in various areas of life.

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