Strawberry Chips

Dried Strawberries

(Russian translation will be available next post)

Who knew? Perfect Valentine’s chips!

We need:


Cooking method:

  1. Rinse the strawberries in running water, remove the “tails”.
  2. Cut each berry into thin slices and place on the trays of the electric dryer. If you don’t have a dryer, you can spread it out on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.
  3. Turn on the electric dryer at 45-50 degrees and dry until moisture is completely lost in the berries, for about 10 hours.
    If to dry in the oven, then place the baking sheet with strawberries in an oven preheated to 90-100 degrees for 1.5 hours (preferably with convection). During this time, the strawberries will dry out and some juice will flow out of them. It is necessary to transfer it to clean parchment and dry for another 1.5 hours.
  4. Store strawberry chips in a glass jar with a tight lid.

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32 thoughts on “Strawberry Chips”

  1. laborsettadelledonne

    This one is for me since I absolutely love strawberries!! Have a nice day 🙂

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  3. Wow, never heard of anything like it! Those strawberry chips look delicious. Are these used for decorating cakes,smoothies and stuff like that or can these be eaten just like that?

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