Pickled beets

We need:
2-3 small beets
500 ml water
50 ml 9% vinegar
2 tsp sugar
1 tsp salt
pepper, cloves
Bay leaf

Cooking method:

  1. Cut raw beets into slices or strips.
  2. Place the beets in the jar. Do not stack tightly.
  3. For the marinade, add salt, sugar, pepper, cloves, bay leaves, and vinegar to boiling water.
  4. Pour the marinade over the beets, close the lid and sterilize for 15 minutes.

17 thoughts on “Pickled beets”

  1. My grandmother used to make pickled beets grown in our garden. They had such a lovely earthy taste. I still love them but they don’t grow this far down in Texas.

      1. Oh, well, I want to keep some plants in a shed with this special lights for them, like shed “green house”, I do not know if it will work that way

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