Golf. Etiquette

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  1. It is forbidden to make excessive noise, throw golf clubs and swear.
  2. The spirit of the game. Unlike other sports, golf is largely played without the supervision of a judge or referee. The game of golf is based on mutual respect and strict adherence to the rules – this is in many ways the personality of every golf player is subordinated to this. All players must behave in a disciplined manner, displaying courtesy and athletic prowess, regardless of their personal significance.
  1. Safety rules. When practicing swing or preparing to hit, the player must make sure that there is no one nearby who could be hit with a club or who can be hit by a ball, stone, branch, etc. It is forbidden to play until the other players leave the range (hit area). Players must at all times warn field personnel in the vicinity or in front that the kick being executed may be dangerous to their health. If a player sends the ball in the direction where there is a danger of hitting someone, he must immediately and loudly report this. Traditionally, in such situations, use the word “ahead!” (“Fore!”).
  2. Attention to other players. On the field, you should always pay attention to other players. Do not interfere with their game with conversations, unnecessary movements, unnecessary noise. Players should also ensure that the electronic devices they bring onto the field do not distract other players. It is very good if such devices are turned off. While on the putting green, you cannot stand on another player’s strike line or cast a shadow over it while he is about to hit. Players should remain in or near the putting area until the rest of the group has cleared the hole.
  3. Account management. In a game where the score goes to the shots, the signal player, moving to the next tee, must, if necessary, check the score with the corresponding player and write it down.
  4. The pace of the game. It is advisable to keep the pace of the game high. The club can set its own requirements for the pace of play, and such instructions are mandatory. Each group of players should keep up with the previous one. If a group has an empty hole and this delays the game, then the next group should be invited to play it, regardless of the number of players in it. You need to be ready to play as soon as your turn comes. When playing on or near the putting green, it is best to leave your bags or carts in a position that allows you to quickly move from the green to the next tee. After completing the game on one hole, you should immediately leave the putting area. If a player thinks that his ball is lost outside a water obstacle or outside the field, then in order to save time, it is better for him to play a temporary ball. Once the players looking for the ball realize that it is not easy to find, they should signal the next group to go forward and play their turn. In this case, you must stop the search at least five minutes before this group starts the game. After letting her play, do not start your game until she passes and leaves the range.

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7 thoughts on “Golf. Etiquette”

    1. Well, I do not know, I was playing like that, I never played before. How do you think I had to write about it?

  1. Nadiiag I’m delighted to read a post on golf. Yes rules and etiquettes exist in golf and as in all other games they do get violated sometimes. Eventhen golf is a fantastic game. Once a golfer always a golfer 😂⛳

    1. I really like this game, I have got my golf clubs already, waiting for second time. Practicing on the back yard yet, we put putting green there) As for etiquette, my fiancé was teaching me, explaining, I was also researching about the game, just someone wrote it is from 50-s.

      1. It’s good to know you have a keen interest in golfing. Yes practicing in the backyard is an excellent way to improve your game. Happy golfing⛳🏌️‍♀️

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