Sport classification

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What kinds of sports are there, what to choose?
There are a huge number of sports. There are more popular and less famous ones. But in any case, everyone can choose the most suitable type of activity for themselves.


In total, there are more than 200 thousand sports.
All of them are divided into several main groups:

  • Individual. These are activities that require one participant.
  • Cyclic. This is a competition where the body moves in space with the help of certain movements. These are practically all variations of athletics, as well as water sports.
  • Team. One team of players competes with another. Most often these are game types of competitions.
  • Power. Participants perform exercises with power equipment – powerlifting, bodybuilding, weightlifting.
  • Combat sports. Forceful action on the enemy subject to certain conditions.
  • Complex cardinal. Special exercises are needed. For example, alpine skiing, diving, rhythmic gymnastics.
  • Technical. It is customary to use technical devices here. This is shooting, motocross, bobsleigh.
  • Applied. This is a competition in which a person demonstrates skills that are useful in everyday life or in the military – equestrian sports, fishing, orienteering.
  • Extreme. They are associated with risk and are liked by adrenaline lovers, performed in extreme conditions.

Olympic kinds of sport
These are sports standards that are part of the modern Olympic program. In total there are 28 summer and 7 winter types of Olympic competitions. Within each species, there are several more disciplines.

The following competitions are present at the Summer Olympics:

  • rowing academic;
  • badminton;
  • boxing;
  • several types of wrestling;
  • varieties of cycling;
  • several disciplines in swimming and water sports;
  • Horseback Riding;
  • shooting;
  • tennis;
  • triathlon;
  • modern pentathlon;
  • rugby;
  • archery;
  • football.

There are fewer winter variants of classic competitions, but they are no less popular. These include:

biathlon; curling; skating sports; tobogganing competitions; trampoline jumping; skiing competitions in several variations; hockey.

Attention! There are a number of competitions excluded from the Olympic Games. These include equestrian vaulting, polo, cricket.

How to choose a sport for yourself?
When choosing a sport for regular activities, it is necessary to take into account not only personal preferences and what you like to watch on TV but also your temperament. Team competitions are more suitable for sanguine people, golf and cycling are more suitable for phlegmatic and melancholic people. And for choleric people, the best choice is contact and strength sports.

Attention! It is worth paying attention to the goal that the person pursues. If you need to become flexible and plastic, we choose gymnastics. To strengthen the muscles of the legs – sports running. To acquire a wide range of communication – game and team competitions.

The main criteria for making the right choice:

  • Individual abilities and preferences.
  • Own character. Group types of training are not suitable for closed individuals.
  • Skills required for the main profession. For example, for those who need endurance at work, jogging is suitable, and tennis is suitable for developing mindfulness and coordination.

Regular physical activity helps not only improves health but also makes a person more purposeful.



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