Running: Tips for those for whom difficult to start

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What’s the hardest part of any workout? No, not working hard to the limit and not fighting fatigue and pain. The hardest part of any workout, be it jogging or strength training, is the journey from your usual place (sofa, bed, chair) to the place where the physical activity starts (park, stadium, gym). The hardest part about the training is getting started and not quitting.

“That`s all! I start a new life on Monday! From the first day! Happy New Year! ” Many of you are familiar with these emotions. And even if you had time to start running, then you were enough for a maximum of two months. Because it was getting hard, urgent matters arose, laziness rolled over, and in general, you decided that running was not yours. But why did this happen? Most likely, because you made several mistakes at the start. Basically, in order to start and not quite run, you need to solve two problems: motivate yourself, which will allow you to start and not miss, and train correctly, which will help avoid injury and progress.

What prevents us from starting
The fact is that at the subconscious level we remember well how it was at school or institute when without normal training we periodically had to pass the standards – to run 1.5 or 3 kilometers at a time. Moreover, time directly influenced the assessment we received. And what did we do? We rushed in our only sneakers on the asphalt, scattering passers-by and dogs and frightening them with red faces, loud breathing, and bulging eyes.

It is good that the young organism digested such a sudden surge of activity and recovered relatively easily and quickly, but at the subconscious level, the information was recorded: “It was a run. Running is hard. ” And even if you did not pass the standards for physical education in your youth, you still have a logical chain in your subconscious: “Running is a sport. Sport is hard. ” Where from? Yes, even from the TV! And be sure that now, just at the mention of the word “running”, your subconscious mind, out of the best intentions, trying to save you from overload, gives you a thousand quite objective reasons why running is not about you at all.

Forewarned is forearmed
Well, there is great news: the settings described above are incorrect and this can be fixed. It will be correct: “Running is a sport. Reasonable sports are fun. ” For everyone and everyone, without exceptions and contraindications. Ask any amateur runner – no one will tell you that they regret their hobby. And also, no one will tell you that at the beginning of the journey it was easy for him and everything worked out at once.

The main idea, which should be hooked on in order to convince your subconscious mind, sounds something like this: “I’m a beginner. I have nowhere to rush. And I don’t have to pass the time trial standards. I run regularly for the personal hygiene of my mind and body. “

Well, everything seems to be clear with the body, you say, but what does the soul have to do with it? You will certainly understand this over time when you run through the crowd of passers-by walking in the park or on the embankment, but you will no longer feel like a part of this mass.

I absolutely need these hours and a half of daily running: I can be silent and be alone with myself – that is, observe one of the most important rules of mental hygiene.
Haruki Murakami

How to force yourself
Don’t faint. This is again your subconscious mind trying to save you. You will not need to run for an hour and a half every day. Murakami has been running for over 20 years, so he can afford it. You will need to start with just two or three runs a week for 20-30 minutes. And hold out for two months, very smoothly increasing the running volume to the level of three or four runs a week for 40-50 minutes. And the most important thing in this is not to speed or distance. The most important thing is consistency: run as planned, without interruption or indulgence. In two months, you are guaranteed to develop the habit of running. Just agree with yourself that then, if you want, quit, but these two months do not miss a single planned run.

You probably already have a lot of questions prepared. Where to run? When to run? How to run? How to breathe?

Leave perfectionism! Get started! The most important thing in a journey is to take the first step and hit the road. There are a lot of articles and disputes on the Internet that will not give a definite answer to all your questions. On the street or on a treadmill? In the morning or evening? On the heel or on the toe? Mouth or nose? The main question, which you yourself must answer right now, is: “Why?”

Why do you want to run regularly? To run a marathon next year? To lose 10 kilograms by summer? To tidy up your health and strengthen your heart? Or maybe you need to do something to get rid of the addiction to alcohol? These are all correct answers, but you must decide for yourself what your main goal is and remember it. Then it will be much easier to get yourself off the couch and kick yourself out for a run in almost any weather.

Where to find the time
Of course, if you weren’t so busy, you would already have broken all running records at least at the local level. But, alas, the day is not rubber, and you absolutely do not have this 25th hour for training, so let the running community somehow manage without you.


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    1. If you have knee problem, so it is recommended to walk, no run, no jump, there are some exercises for making knees stronger in the Internet. At least I was doing it on Wing Chun training.

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  2. I do most of my working out at home. When I have to travel to the gym I workout less. Things like rain and how busy the gym probably is always get used as excuses.

    1. I understand, I prefer to go to the gym, since there is no laptop, my other hobbies to take my attention away from training, but lately, I do it at home too, but train less, since home stuff, Tv, hobbies, you know)

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