12 signs you have kidney problems

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Swelling, headaches, and even fatigue are reasons to go to the doctor.

Healthy kidneys filter about half a cup of blood every minute to flush waste and excess water in the urine. They also maintain the balance of minerals and nutrients in the blood, produce hormones, control blood pressure and red blood cell count, and help maintain healthy bones.

Infections, chronic diseases, poor environmental conditions, medications, food toxins, smoking, alcohol, unhealthy lifestyles – all of this can hit the kidneys.

Often kidney disease develops imperceptibly: symptoms do not appear immediately. And those that appear, people do not pay attention, because they do not associate them with the genitourinary system.

  1. Foam in the urine
    Sometimes foam appears due to the strong pressure of urine. And that’s okay. But if other symptoms listed in the article are added, it’s time to worry.

Usually, foam indicates the presence of protein or toxic substances in the urine. This is caused by malfunctioning of the kidneys, impaired excretion, and filtration of various compounds and blood components.

  1. Pink, red, or brown urine
    Normal urine color ranges from pale yellow to dark amber. Foods such as beets, berries and beans, and medicines can change it. They color the urine orange, pink, brown, red, and even greenish-blue.

The problem is that blood can also make urine reddish, which is already very bad. So if you notice this classic symptom of kidney disease, go see your doctor.

  1. Cloudy urine
    It can be a symptom of kidney stones or urinary tract infections.

Another reason for the loss of clarity is dehydration: the urine simply becomes more concentrated. As soon as you notice this, try to drink more water. If the urine becomes clear again and no other symptoms appear, everything is fine. If not, see a nephrologist.

  1. Back pain
    Kidney pain is usually felt in the back – under the ribs, to the right or left of the spine. It can spread to other areas, such as the belly or groin.

This symptom is sometimes confused with pain in the lumbar spine. And this is bad. In order not to start the disease, it is important to seek professional help in time.

  1. Chronic fatigue, weakness
    The kidneys produce erythropoietin, a hormone that regulates the production of red blood cells. If it is not enough, anemia, weakness, fatigue appear. And this is a good reason to have your kidneys checked.
  2. Headaches or dizziness
    The toxins accumulated in the body due to kidney dysfunction interfere with the normal functioning of the brain. This leads to problems with memory and concentration, dizziness, headaches. Tasks that you previously performed with ease become difficult and require a lot of energy.

The above are signs of anemia and inflammation associated with impaired renal function. If symptoms recur periodically, the urinary system should be checked.

  1. Nausea and vomiting
    If you feel nauseous during or after a meal, but it’s not food poisoning or indigestion, get your kidneys tested. Perhaps they cannot cope with the elimination of harmful substances.

Just in case, make an appointment with a therapist to rule out other causes of nausea. And then go to the nephrologist.

  1. Need to urinate more often
    It can cause disease in any part of the urinary system. But if we talk about the kidneys, it may be an infection (pyelonephritis), the formation of stones, or a violation of one of the important functions – maintaining the balance of fluid in the body.
  2. Edema
    They appear when fluid is retained in the body. The swelling of the legs and the eye area is most noticeable.

Swelling by itself does not mean that you are sick. Perhaps you just ate a lot of salty food, sat in one position for a long time, or drank some kind of medicine. In women, water can retain before menstruation and during pregnancy.

If swelling is a recurring problem, then it may be related to kidney disease.

  1. Dry itchy skin
    When the kidneys are unable to maintain the balance of minerals and nutrients in the blood, as well as to get rid of toxins and excess fluid, skin problems can develop.

Of course, there are many harmless causes for itching and dryness. For example, bathing in hot water, harsh soap, sun exposure. It’s definitely not worth panicking and blaming everything on the kidneys, but you need to be checked just in case.

  1. A sharp increase in blood pressure
    The kidneys are one of the links in the human hormonal system that regulates the pressure and blood volume in the body. Therefore, their improper work can cause an attack on hypertension.

However, this symptom speaks of kidney disease only if you have other of the symptoms described.

  1. Change in body temperature
    Chills even in warmth and unexplained fever are also symptoms of kidney disease.

The temperature rises when inflammation begins. This happens, for example, with pyelonephritis.

Chills also cause anemia.

What to do if you notice these symptoms
Go to a nephrologist or urologist, undergo examination, take urine and blood tests.

Many, having passed a general urine test and having received good results, calm down: everything is in order with the kidneys. And in vain. Because this analysis is not indicative of diagnosis. To be calm about the work of the kidneys, you need one, and preferably twice a year, to take tests not only of urine but also of blood. They will help check the condition of the kidneys.

Most kidney diseases are curable but cause dangerous complications. Therefore, do not ignore the described symptoms.


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