5 reasons why you won’t have abs

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Check – suddenly the abs do not become embossed, because you are making one of these mistakes.

Reason 1. Your workouts are not varied enough
Lie on the floor. Cross your arms behind your head. Raise your torso. This is how most people work their abs. But in reality, the exercises that give rise to the six-pack are much more varied. Some of them are dynamic, for example, “bicycle” – you lie down on the floor, raise your legs and twist imaginary pedals. Others are static, such as a plank – an elbow stands in a horizontal position. The plank can be made dynamic by lifting on your hands and then lowering onto your elbows. Another option is the climbing exercise: standing in a plank, you quickly pull one knee after the other to your chest. If you enjoy crunches, try doing them on a fit ball instead of on the floor – this will help to use more core muscles.

Weighted squats can completely replace endless crunches on the floor. In this position, the body is fixed and the deep stabilizing muscles are activated, making you more mobile, and the stomach – stronger. Another great option is exercised with shock absorbers and fitness bands, which create tension in the muscles of the core throughout the range of motion.

To build steel abs, you need to do many different exercises designed specifically for this area.

Reason 2. You are not working all muscles
An obvious consequence of the first mistake. The press is not only two stripes in the center of the abdomen. This is just part of it, rectus muscles. There are also transverse and oblique muscles. To form a relief, you need to pump each one. In general, during the load on this zone, all abdominal muscles are involved in one way or another. But different exercises put a stronger load on individual parts of the abs: for example, the upper one works while lifting the body when twisting, the lower one – when lifting the legs.

The formation of cubes depends on the individual characteristics of the structure and attachment of the muscles. In some people, they may stand out strongly, in others they may be less noticeable. But after seven years of working as an instructor, I can say that training a strong belly is possible with any anatomy. And there is no unique body structure that will not allow this to happen.

Reason 3. You are eating improperly
Perhaps you already have cubes. But they are not visible, because the muscles are hidden by the fat layer. In this case, work on the press should be supplemented with a diet. But not one where you deny yourself everything and live to the accompaniment of a belly rumbling with hunger. A good diet is about healthy, unprocessed foods and the right balance of protein, fat, and carbohydrates. All of them are needed for metabolism and muscle building, so the imbalance can nullify your efforts in the gym.

For a toned belly, you should focus on animal protein (poultry, fish, seafood, chicken eggs) and complex carbohydrates (all types of cereals), which provide slow energy throughout the day and prevent insulin spikes. Include a large number of vegetables and fruits in the diet – fiber helps to assimilate protein and gives a feeling of fullness, while vitamins and trace elements improve metabolism and have a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin, hair, and nails. It is worth giving up fast carbohydrates (sweets and pastries) and trans fats (fast food, chips). These are both extra calories that are deposited in the abdomen and harm to health.

Reason 4. You are trying to lose weight by pumping your abs
It is impossible to burn the notorious layer of fat by working on the abs. If you have extra pounds in the belly area, add a cardio load to your workout program. The classic cardio is running. In a park, on a path, or an ellipsoid. Remember that fat burning starts at a high heart rate: 100 beats per minute or more. Everyone has their own fat-burning zone, so monitor your well-being and training results or consult an instructor. If you don’t feel like running, do strength exercises that simultaneously give a cardio load, such as burpees.

The ideal cardio workout for a prominent abdomen is interval running. It speeds up the metabolism and starts the fat-burning process. It is called interval because it alternates between low, medium, and high intensity. The key here is to prevent the body from adapting to the load and to turn on the “power saving” mode. Example: 30 seconds of walking, 20 seconds of running, and 10 seconds of acceleration. During a workout, you can perform as many of these intervals as you want.

Reason 5. You are too demanding of yourself
Build muscle is not a task for a couple of weeks. This will take time and a consistent approach. Perhaps you give up before any results can appear. To get hold of the cubes and store them, you need to build a long-term nutrition and exercise program. The key is to practice regularly, and not alternate the weekend, when you are killed in the gym, with a week of inactivity. It is important not to overdo it – daily wear training will still not help to grow the relief in a week. If you quickly lose motivation, try not to exercise alone, but with a partner or fitness trainer.

The abdominal muscles are no different from others – they need to be given time to rest and recover. But in a 15-minute morning exercise or daily warm-up, you can absolutely safely include several ab exercises. This will not overload the muscles and will benefit your body.


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