What to do if bruises appear for no reason?

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There are still reasons. And among them are very dangerous.

Why do bruises appear?
Let’s make a reservation right away: of course, even completely unreasonable bruises have reasons. Just hidden.

Bruises are the consequences of damage to the capillaries located under the skin. The mechanism of their formation is simple: hit – the capillaries suffered – the blood poured out of them formed a subcutaneous hematoma, the very bruise. If it did not hit, and there is a hematoma, then the capillaries were damaged for another reason.

If bruises appear regularly for no reason, it means that the capillaries suffer due to some systemic internal malfunction in the body.

  1. Deficiency of vitamins and minerals
    Some vitamins (such as K and B12) are largely responsible for the composition of the blood and its ability to clot. Others – the same vitamin C – for the strength of the walls of blood vessels, including the smallest capillaries. Zinc and iron are essential elements for prompt healing of all kinds of injuries, including capillary ones. Bioflavonoids (citrine, rutin, catechin, and quercetin) also affect the condition of the capillary walls.

With a deficiency of these substances, bruises appear much easier and more often than usual: the vessels become brittle and fragile, and the body does not have enough strength to quickly block bleeding.

  1. Strength training
    Exercise-related stress can cause blood vessels to rupture. Look into the eyes of athletes lifting record weights – you will notice burst blood vessels around the pupils. And some “lucky ones” even have a nosebleed with a particularly intense approach.

This also applies to the capillaries under the skin of the limbs and torso, so bruises on the body are a completely predictable turn with excessive enthusiasm for the barbell and other elements of strength fitness.

  1. Taking certain medications and supplements
    Popular pain relievers – ibuprofen and aspirin – thin the blood and impair its ability to clot. The same applies to corticosteroids, as well as the favorite dietary supplements – fish oil and Ginkgo Biloba.

What is there! Even garlic, if consumed excessively, can cause poor blood clotting. And this is a direct path to the formation of rather extensive hematomas, even with the smallest strokes.

  1. Aging
    With age, the skin becomes thinner, paler, and transparent. Because of this, even small hematomas, which in your youth you would not have noticed, begin to clearly show through the skin. Changes also apply to blood vessels: they become more fragile and easily break from minor injuries.

An obvious example of such changes is a disorder called senile purpura, which is accompanied by the appearance of bruising. This disease affects 10% of people over 50 years old.

  1. Existing or developing diabetes
    Diabetes isn’t just about blood sugar. This metabolic disorder affects the entire body, including the circulatory system. The symptomatology is the same as above: the vessels become more fragile, the blood clots worse, and bruises appear, it seems, even from the wind.
  2. Diseases associated with blood clotting disorders
    Von Willebrand disease, thrombophilia, thrombocytopenia … Some of these diseases are hereditary, some are acquired, but they all have a common symptom: bruises and bruises are formed practically without reason.
  3. Oncology
    In particular, we are talking about leukemia. One of the first symptoms of this disease is the appearance of bruises of unknown origin all over the body. This is again associated with sharply deteriorated blood clotting.

What to do if bruises appear for no reason
If you carefully read the text above, you already understand: such bruises can be completely innocent, or they can indicate serious problems.

In order not to miss the moment of the onset of a really terrible disease, it is important to carefully consider the hematomas, the origin of which you are not sure about.

Track how the bruises behave in the following days. If they stubbornly do not heal, increase in size, or new unexplained bruises appear, you should consult a physician as soon as possible.

If everything goes well and the tests show no trouble, the doctor will recommend you:

  • Adjust the diet to get the required amount of vitamins and minerals.
  • Less zeal in training.
  • Refuse blood-thinning drugs and dietary supplements, replacing them with analogs.
  • Use creams and ointments that strengthen the walls of blood vessels.

Normally, this is enough to rid the skin of unaesthetic bruises and prevent them from appearing in the future.

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  1. Bruises under your eyes? Huh . . . I usually forget why I have a bruise, but they usually don’t appear for no reason. I just forgot I bumped into something. 🙂

      1. I suppose if bruises appear for no reason it COULD be anything and going to a doctor would be the best course of action. Do you think? Bruises certainly don’t appear for literally “no reason”. 🙂

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