10 best foot exercises

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Each of us is often faced with such a problem as fatigue and pain in the legs. What could be the reason for this? There are actually a lot of reasons, daily walking in heels for women, hard physical labor for men, and so on. Pain in the legs causes terrible discomfort, interferes with rest and a comfortable pastime. Today we want to offer you 10 effective exercises for the muscles of the foot and lower leg, performing which you will feel vigorous and light gait.

Exercise 1. Starting position, lying on your back, or sitting on the floor. Rotation of the feet, paying special attention to the work of the toes – the toes describe the largest possible circle. Extend the toes when the foot moves down and pull the toes toward you when the foot moves up. Strive to ensure that the toes describe the correct, maximum radius circle.

Exercise 2. Starting position, lying on your back, or sitting on the floor. Alternating foot movement towards and away from yourself. The movement begins with flexion and extension of the toes and only then does the movement of the foot begin!

Exercise 3. Sitting on your knees. Get on your knees, then sit on your heels, the bones of the big toe and heels of both feet “glued” to each other. Sit in this position for a minute.

Exercise 4. Starting position standing. Roll the ribbed roller and tennis ball with the plantar side of the feet, with moderate effort and at a slow pace. A relaxed foot tends to hug a roller or ball.

Exercise 5. Starting position – sitting, legs extended, feet free, resting on the heels (for example, sitting in front of the TV :)). We squeeze the toes with great force, trying to collect them in a handful. Keeping the compression tone, hold for 1-3 minutes until a feeling of pronounced muscle fatigue. Relaxed. They waited 1 minute. Repeat the exercise (as much as you can – 20-30 seconds or 1 minute or more). We carry out only 3 times. Have a rest.

Exercise 6. We return mobility to the joints of the foot, normalize blood circulation and lymph drainage, prevent the development of arthritis, improve the function of the ligamentous apparatus.

The starting position is sitting. One leg is bent at the knee, pulled up to the body, both hands rest on her foot. We start the exercise with the thumb. With one hand we slightly fix the foot from the rear, with the other we grab the thumb, pull it out a little and:

a) unbend to a comfortable maximum and slowly rotate left to right 3 times,
b) bend to a comfortable maximum and slowly rotate left-right 3 times,
c) move to the left (move to the side) to a comfortable maximum and slowly rotate left-right 3 times,
d) move to the right to a comfortable maximum and slowly rotate to the left – to the right 3 times.

We return to the middle position. If in some direction the movements are unpleasant, painful, very limited (for example, turning to the right), then we do not do them, but at the same time, we do movements in the opposite direction (from the neutral middle position – to the left) 6 times.

Exercise 7. Starting position – put a towel on the floor, and stand on its nearest edge. Without lifting your heels off the floor, gradually rake the towel under you with your toes, and then spread it back. Foot massage with improvised means perfectly stretches the muscles of the feet. You can roll small balls, rolling pins, and more. It is also useful to lift small objects with your toes and collect socks with your feet around the apartment.

Exercise 8. Starting position – rise on your toes as high as possible, keep your heels in weight, and then bend your knees, bringing your heels forward. Place your heels on the floor, and only then straighten your legs. It is very important to ensure that your knees and ankles do not roll inward or fall outward.

Exercise 9. “Walking on the heels” – the exercise is familiar to each of us since school. We stand on our heels and walk around the apartment as long as possible.

Exercise 10. In the summer, walk barefoot more often. The best exercise for your ankle is running on sand or small pebbles. In order to perform this exercise not only in the summer and not only on the street, but you can also adapt some wide enough tray.

Do not forget that our legs are the main support of the whole organism, and therefore it is important to keep them healthy. Do the suggested exercises at least 3 times a week and see how effective they are!

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  1. Miriam Costa

    I do all of those foot exercises… it helps for sure. Specially after my Tae Kwondo classes.
    Welcome to my blog, I’ve seen you there.
    I love your tips and all that you share with us. Be safe.

    1. Thank you, I love your posts too, I seen there not only your posts)) Oh, I missed my Wing Chun classes so bad…

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