10 of my favorite feelings

I would like to say thank you to Jofina Anna Reji for this nomination. I did not see nomination like that before, I like it. You should check her blog, she has inspiring posts.

So, here we go!

  1. Traveling.

Is not it awesome to see the world and learn new cultures, to try new things? Well, I did not travel much, I was only in 5 countries, but it does not stop me from wanting more!

2. Taste of coffee.

What can I say, I am addicted, I admit, 1 cup per day makes me moving around) But what a taste? Of course, I do not like any coffee, I drink only unsweetened with skim milk or the best ever taste is with soy milk, again, unsweetened.

3. Nature.

I do love nature too, I enjoy watching the birds, we even have 2 bird feeders, some of the birds are so funny. I love mountains, forests, ocean. I used to go to ethnic festival with my friends before, we had a camping area near the river, live traditional music, traditional dances and hand made classes. It was a wonderful time.

4. Play with a dog (or cat).

play time with Olie

The best antidepressant ever! Do you feel anxiety? Are you sad? Are you bored? Get a furry friend, who gonna jump on you when you sleep and always will be happy to see you even if you left for 1 minute to take trash out! A pet will never lie or betray! Pets are funny and cute. I love them all, except spiders and snakes, nope…

5. Art.

Who can live without art? It is a light in my life. I am a painter, also do many other stuff, like sewing, drawing, scrap-booking, Modge Podge, kneeting, photograph, writing.

6. Sport.

I always been into sports. I was practising Wing Chun, so pity I do not do it now, miss it, but later in future maybe gonna find a place in my new place of living. I was doing athletics, I ran pretty fast, I would say, but now, I feel that I love other things more, I enjoy gym and stretching, I enjoy yoga, but with some things I need help. So, for now, I just do simple exercises at home, walk a lot and renovating a house also burn much calories, so, it is fine) But, my new passion is golf, I have got my set of clubs, nice bag, just too hot to hit a ball now. Again, I will go for yoga and martial arts later, yeah!

7. Cooking.

I love cooking, of course, sometimes I have mood to do something else, but, I love experiment with recipes, different ingredients and decorate the plate, I do not have all what I need for it, but going there)

8. Listening to music.

I think, everybody loves that, it helps us to feel better. what kind of music do you like?

9. Learning new things.

I love to fill my head with something useful. There are so many things I learned by myself, of course, I feel pity I started to forget Polish, Greek, some Spanish, just now I have so much things going on, but still learning new things, how to fix the house, we recently started to fix old furniture and it looks great, new ways of sewing, drawing, more English to learn…

10. Buying useful things for craft, sewing, for cooking and sport.

I know, craft can be performed even with used stuff, which I do too, but is not it exiting to buy new piece of fabric and sew new pants or shirt? Is not it great to buy new markers, pencils and draw till late night? I got some fabric dye too, now some white clothes and towels are not so white after all)

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29 thoughts on “10 of my favorite feelings”

  1. My friend, you are really very very talented..!!
    Great in art, painting, cooking, sports and what not.. You are an inspiration and it’s a pleasure learning more about you.. 😊😊

  2. Congratulations on your nomination it was well deserved and I enjoyed reading this. I want to also thank you for the nomination It is greatly appreciated.

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