10 habits that prevent you from becoming happy

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Change your behavior to learn how to enjoy life.

  1. Compare yourself with others
    It does not matter to a happy person what and how others do and what they have achieved. He knows that he is going his own way. Comparison, competition with others simply does not make sense. Moreover, one can judge someone’s life only by the information that the person himself provides. The reality may be very different from Instagram photos. And pictures of someone else’s beautiful life should not be confusing and prevent you from doing what you think is right.

  1. Focus on someone else’s opinion
    Trying to please everyone is an initial failed strategy. Each person will have his own opinion on how you need to live, but no one knows you so well as to decide what to do. Therefore, you should stop thinking that others are talking about you.

Happy people do what they themselves consider important and necessary.

  1. Thinking about the bad in advance
    A little optimism has not bothered anyone. The mood for a negative result often makes you quit the business at the very beginning because nothing will come out anyway. Pessimistic attitudes make it difficult to open startups, start relationships, and simply do not give life to enjoy, because it seems that only you will feel happy – everything will become bad right away.
  2. Condemn people for the “wrong” life
    It would never occur to a happy person to believe that someone is living wrong. He is confident that others themselves know what they need and does not impose on them their ideas about the norm.
  3. Pity yourself
    Bad things happen to good people. But a happy person does not waste time pitying himself. He makes an effort to influence what is happening.
  4. Experiencing a situation that you cannot control
    It’s not always possible to influence events, even if they affect you directly. A happy person lets go of a situation that he does not control.

Experiences, mental torment only exhaust, but will not lead to anything good.

  1. Shifting responsibility for your happiness
    Happiness is a choice, and there is no need to look for those to blame for the fact that you do not experience it. Perhaps you are waiting for certain conditions, a person nearby, the time of year to allow yourself to rejoice. But nothing will change until you value what you have and allow yourself to be happy right now.
  2. To be afraid of loneliness
    A happy person is not afraid to be alone with his thoughts, and he does not need to create an informational noise around himself, spending time with a company that is not particularly interesting to him. He appreciates people who make his life better, but he is better off being alone than with anyone.
  3. Carry the burden of the past
    To be happy is prevented by excessive focus on both negative and positive events from the past. Sad experience makes it difficult to decide on new discoveries in the present. A strong nostalgia for the past fun times does not allow to rejoice, because as before will be gone.
  4. Afraid of change
    Changes do not necessarily lead to better, but without them, it is impossible to develop. Happy people face change without fear. They are glad that they are getting new opportunities, and are optimistic about this.

22 thoughts on “10 habits that prevent you from becoming happy”

  1. Great post and fantastic tips! Life is full of ups and downs and once you accept it, it’s easier to live a more meaningful and happier life. Thanks for sharing and inspiring 😀 Aiva

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