Blogger Awards!!!

Awesome Blogger Award

Thank you for this nomination.

You gonna like her posts, they are fresh and interesting. I enjoy reading them!

Rules :

Thank the person who nominated you.

Tag the post with #awesomebloggeraward.

Answer the questions you were asked.

Nominate at least five bloggers and inform them about the nomination.

Give them ten new questions to answer.

Questions and Answers :

1.One habit that you hate the most in you ??? – Expecting people be better and keep their promises, but in real no one own to do anything, when I did not get what was promised, I am getting sad.

2.What is the one thing that you feel annoying in another person ??? – Blaming someone else in their own bad choices and laziness.

3.How do you like to celebrate your next Birthday ??? – I would like to go camping, maybe canoeing.

4. What information you would like to give the next generation from your experience ??? – Never live with a past, always live today and plan future, past does not let us to be happy. If you let it go, you will be relieved and start actually living.

5. The best memory you want to share ??? – I went to Mexico with my fiance for vacation and he proposed me there.

6. What is the most important quality a person need, to become your friend ??? – I like when there is always something to talk, interesting person and someone whom I can enjoy sport and crafting.

7.What do you like to say to your haters ??? – Are you jealous of what I have? But never wore my shoes to feel what price I paid.

8. One of your post that makes you happy whenever you read it ??? – I think it is gonna be a post in “Nadiia`sstories” about fixed jewelrybox. Or about fixed bathroom, maybe it is not, what you asking, as for my posts in general, I have know idea, I guess I always read them before posting a few times and after and I am happy that some dishes I made worked out good)

9. Describe your Blogging journey in one word ??? – Creating

10.One message that you want to convey to other Bloggers ??? – Do not be afraid to try new things, to create, to enjoy! Find your ways to be happy!

My Nominees :






Penable Award 

Thank you so much I love her blog, go and check her posts! She writes about her journey in fitness, her thoughts.

I started to write my blog because I wanted to share my experience, my way of doing things, my favorite recipes. I wanted to share my thoughts and skills and maybe, it can be useful for someone else.

I also like to share my art, my short stories which I wrote, sometimes poetry, but mostly painting and craft. I have it in my blood, my mom always drew nice pictures, my stepfather tough me how to do a stitch on the sewing machine, my father loved martial arts and languages, my cousin is a chef at the restaurant and she is a great cook, she started her journey of art, she sold her first painting.


1. Thank the one who nominated you.

2. Tag your post with #Penable award.

3. Display the Penable award logo

4. Talk a bit about your blog.

5. Tell us what your writing talent is in the Penable award.

6. Answer the questions you have been asked.

7. Nominate three inspiring people for this Penable award.

8. Give them three questions to answer.

Questions and answers:

  1. What is your motivation for blogging? – I love writing and love to read what my followers share, I think all of my followers motivate me.
  2. Who is your intended audience? – People who have same interests or who wants to change something in their lives.
  3. What is your best memory of this year? – It was my first time to spend New Year and my Birthday with my future husband.

Penable Award Nominees:




Questions for all of you :

  1. Why did you start blogging?
  2. What is the happiest moment in your life?
  3. Can you describe yourself with three words?
  4. What is your hobby you cannot live without?
  5. What is your favorite dish?
  6. Where do you see yourself in a 10 years?
  7. What is your bad habit?
  8. What experience would you share with your followers?
  9. What is your favorite color?
  10. What is your main goal in life?

33 thoughts on “Blogger Awards!!!”

  1. I think some bloggers don’t accept awards, and I understand why. I did enjoy that you accepted the award and answered the questions.

  2. Congrats friend….” Are you jealous of what I hate? But never wore my shoes to feel what price I paid.” What a cool Answer girl…. I love it….

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