4 psychological practices that fill life with happiness

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Surprisingly, thoughts of death will help to become happier, but a comfortable life – not.

  1. Imagine life without what you love
    Negative visualization is a representation of a life without dear people and things. Not a very pleasant thought experiment, but it is of great benefit.

For example, you live in flood-prone areas. Imagine that your house, along with all the property flooded. This practice will help to look at life differently. You will understand that any day in which nothing bad happened is a gift and a happy event in itself.

You will begin to be calmer in things that annoy you. Even the cry of a newborn child and sleepless nights will become more pleasant, you just have to imagine that tomorrow the child will not be.

You will learn to live, love, and enjoy right now. Enjoy every moment.

  1. Realize your mortality
    We are terribly afraid of death. But there is no point in fearing that naturally and sooner or later everyone will overtake. Surprisingly, to be happy now, it is important to understand that you will die. And benefit from it.

Imagine that the doctor made you a disappointing diagnosis, and you have six months to live. It will cheer you up and help you understand what you are spending your life on. Look at yourself, family, activities, and hobbies differently. Ask yourself, would you spend the last days of your life at your work, in your environment, doing your usual activities? Think about whether your lifestyle brings happiness. If not, change it!

Thinking about your own death will change the way you think about life. Perhaps, regarding death as a real prospect, you will make new decisions. Do what you lacked courage. You will begin to really live, and not exist in the delusions that you still have a lot of time left.

  1. Do not try to keep everything under control
    The only thing we can really control is our actions. The rest is beyond our control. We only mistakenly believe that we are influencing the situation. It is important to realize this and get rid of unnecessary anxiety in order to become a happy person.

You can not enjoy life, constantly worrying about things that are not even dependent on you.

Remember this when setting your next goal. Connect the achievement of the goal only with what you can control – with your own efforts, and separate from the final result that is not subject to you.

For example, instead of “I need this job,” say to yourself: “I have to be well prepared for the interview in order to get a place.” Instead of “I need a girl,” say: “I have to be an interesting conversationalist, an attentive and caring man, in order to become attractive.”

  1. Sometimes giving up the usual comfort
    The more comfortable life is, the more unhappy a person is. Good quickly becomes boring and ceases to please. To feel happy, you constantly have to increase the number of things that give this feeling. But there is a simpler and more efficient way.

Limit yourself periodically to simple things to understand how nice it is to have them in life.

For example, from time to time give up excesses in food. After fasting days, you will be happy to take up the usual dishes that a couple of days ago were considered boring.

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  1. Interesting and true I believe. In the same way when a couple is having marriage problems, other couples who know them can become closer because they appreciate they are not in conflict. – David

  2. This is a nice article on an important subject. Psychological issues are hidden as such you advice is valuable 👍

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